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February again. 2021

We did have some winter, 30″ of snow almost two weeks ago and bits and inches later which mostly melted off as fast as they fell. We still have 10 or so inches of that first one left on the ground.

I send in my seed order early as the companies are advising us to. And plants which I had set the ship Date at the end of March. Got my onion plants the day after the snow storm. What the heck? Not shoveling out the garden so I can plant onions in February! Lady at the seed company apologized, said their shipper thought we lived in south California. Isn’t that was zip codes are for? But she ordered more to be shipped early April and promised to hold the rest until then also. Hope so. The garden this year will be almost as big but different. Cutting back on tomatoes for one thing.

We go to town today to get or virus vaccinations. We’re luck to live in an area where there is not much of this plague so are comparatively safe. We do wear our masks and maintain social distancing. We go to the Grocery and the gas station and the hardware store, that’s about it. If we need anything else, there’s Amazon. I can use stash yarn for the nest 20 years and not run out so am good there, too! lol

I have been weaving on the large SweetHeart loom. The plan is a cowl using Crochet to joining and fill out a bit tho I have yet to discover if this will work. Maybe this way.





The Green Thumb Top is done. The shirt looks nice but I am not very good at the selfie thing! Here I am with my mouth open.. no comments on that, please! But it fits well tho it’s probably a good thing my cleavage is a bit lower than it used to be! As you can see it kind of wandered away from the original sketch, but that’s the way projects usually go. I’m happy with it.



Looking a lot like winter here! I’m staying in and weaving. Making new “mug rugs” for my soup bowls. I really like those. I used acrylic, which don’t stain easily and and wash up quickly in the kitchen sink. Still working on the Shall in a ball  blouse, too. It’s taking a lot of 4″ squares.

Andway, Hope your new year is starting off well and you are staying warm!


Another SweetHeart project!

Kiwiquilter posted some of her mug rugs on Ravelry the other day and showed one on a saucer, waiting for the teacup and A Light Came On! I use paper napkins under my soup bowls but why not woven mats?! I had a pile of swatch squares so I stitched 4 together  to try for size. Not a bad fit but not what I wanted. The 6″ square might be closer but then I saw some posts on the Facebook Pin Loom group using the Sweetheart and another Light Came On! My soup ‘mugs’ have an apple design and the heart looks a little appley… with a little help. So here’s what I can up with and I am quite pleased with it and intend to make more.

First the square one. Keep in mind that it uses misc. swatches just for size and is not a design. This size would work, I could even fold in the tips of the corners if I wanted it more sort of round.


But I like this one better. The leaves are knitted and  I crocheted a little stem. I know this is a short post, but I have more SweetHearts to weave!




It was suggested that I put the worm in his mat so here’s His & Hers!

his-n-hers worm

Last show trip of the year!

Well, the show are fun and we meet a lot of nice people but I am rather glad to be home for awhile. We’re getting our first rain of the Autumn and there will soon be a frosty morning greeting us. Good time for sitting by the fire and weaving!

Here’s a few pictures from our trip.

Hitchhiker doll Merida had to pose beside a Redwood like any tourist!



And she got her portrait taken with the looms at the CWFF in Boonville. She’s wearing the dress I wove for her, my version of a Celtic design for this Scottish princess.


And naturally she would want to be included in the picture at Cape Blanko, in Oregon on our way up to OFFF in Canby. Here she is with Randy and Stella, watching the whales spouting around the point from the lighthouse.


At OFFF a weaver who was enjoying our looms brought us this bouquet of the Dalias she grew herself to honor our booth! Thank you, Sara! They lasted all the way home, brightening the camper, too!


After the shows we went a little further north to Visit Mt Rainier Nat’l Park, which we had not been to before. The first day was clear and sunny and gave us some wonderful pictures. The next day the clouds settled atop the mountain and it could not be seen. But the park was still beautiful with the fall colors seeming to stand out even more in the fog.





Then we were heading south toward home. But we still had our Tour Guides along the way! 😉


And almost home we saw our ‘local’ volcano, Mt Shasta, wearing her fuzzy winter bonnet! And the wind was blowing up the dust along the way.


So here we are, at home, enjoying the rain, trying to catch up on orders and planning our trip to Medford to stock up for winter. Randy is working in the wood shed as well as the shop and I am weaving on a couple projects in the evenings while the game is on.

Go Giants!baseball-066


March-ing into spring…

Nothing to report on the sweater. I think I needed a break from brown yarn. Too much brown in the world this time of the year, anyway. Things are starting to green up and I’m sure I can see a faint bit of pink in the buds on the peach tree. The flowering quince is definitely blooming now & there are even two tiny daffodils blooming out there in the brown.

I have done some weaving but for the dolls. Little things. A KAL for Your Favorite Season. What would it be this time of year but Summer! Lexi is wearing Summer Nights and little Felicity is in the Sunshine. The skirts are the woven bits. Some Wildfoote sock yarn for Lexi’s and lace weight for Felicity’s to warp the first three layers and then woven with Lion Brand Trellis. I used the 4″ and did o1, u1 for Felicity’s skirt, which is two squares and a knitted bodice. Lexi’s short skirt is three 6″ Multi Squares and I did hers in o3, u1 which gave it a really interesting texture and showed more of the colored squares, I think. I rather like the effect and since I have a couple more balls of this stuff (I think I bought 6 in a package at the dollar store a couple years ago) I may have to come up with another project for it.

big girl summer nights 3DSC03158  2


These are busy days, even if I have been ignoring brown. Randy is working long hours in the looms shop, (which means I am also) and we are trying to get the garden ready as it looks like spring is coming on early and dry here this year. We also signed up for 6 fiber fair shows this summer. The first one, a new venue for us, in Nampa, Idaho in May. then we’ll be in Hamilton, MT  & Eugene, OR in June and Arcata, CA, Boonesville, CA and Canby, OR in September.

I think I am going to sell my Baby Wolf Loom and it’s accessories. If anyone is interested we can bring it along to any of the shows. I don’t want to haul it around on speculation as even tho it is a small loom, it still takes up a lot of space in the 5th wheel. If you’re interested email for details. The loom works fine, I’ve woven a few times on it but I just don’t have the time or space for it. I still prefer my little looms.

Hope you’re seeing a bright end of winter where you are.


A UK Weaver

Jacqueline Bell of the UK shared some photos of her work with us recently and gave me permission to re-post the pictures. This woman does wonderfully creative work. Her workmanship is as superb as her design abilities. Bitsa Throw Cushions     Rainbow throw  Sloppy Joe  Boucle Triangles Throw And last, a blanket Jacky said was made in the 1950’s by family members using the old Weave-it looms. 1957 Throw This weaver has promised me more photos of her work to share and inspire! I love seeing the wonderful work weavers are making with the looms. Makes the long hours out in the shop seem worthwhile! Happy Weaving!

Valentines Loom!

Just wanted to offer a few ideas if you were wondering what you could do with the SweetHeart Loom. We make them in a larger size now, too.

Make a gift tag or do a bit of beading around the edges!

Jane finished2aKathy Warner gooddog@gmail.com 2


A pencil topper to write I love you. A valentine to say I love you. A bookmark to keep you place in a book you love!



pencil  topper 2aValentine 91Bookmark


A needle book to keep things together. A case for your phone. Or you can just wear your heart on your sleeve!


DSC00865Annette 2heart on my sleeve cropped


I’m sure you’ll find a lot more way to use them and they are fun, too. Older children love weaving on them as well. A customer says she makes little sachets using two and adds then to the packages when she ships out orders of her handwovens. She also keeps a bag of them with her when she goes out and gives one to anyone who looks like they are having a bad day and can use a little love. She says she has changed kiddies sobs to smiles with these little “hugs”.  So you can see there are plenty of ways to enjoy these little looms. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yours in natural woods or prettily painted.

paintedwoods small

Trying freeform again

I have tried before  but it always seems to end up– well– normal. what happens to my free spirited creativity here??! I am trying to take a lead from Frida. I am starting with a rectangle of knitted fabric. This was a huge bit of knitted something a friend gave me. she had tried to make some kind of garment with it but gave up. I frogged most of it. Got 11 1/2 balls of yarn from that part, and am using the rest in this experiment. so far. I have sleeves, a shrug-like thing.

Frida inspiration

With chained underarms. Now i am exploring free from web sites. And I am getting out my little diamond to make some star or flower shapes to add in. Not very creative yet but we’ll see.

Frida inspiration 2

Meanwhile, I have garden stuff to tend to yet.

Rain early next week and it feels like frost is not far off. Only 65 at noon, today.

And the Giants are playing the Cardinals tonight! Go Giants!




A weaver in Oregon sent me these little SweetHearts she made using our loom. She felted them and then added a beaded edging to them.  I forgot to ask what yarn Kathy used, but I’m guessing it was a fine yarn as the hearts are light and thin, delicate and so pretty! She says she gave some a pin back to make wearable valentines. Great idea!

Kathy Warner gooddog@gmail.com 2