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40 days & 40 nights…?

Well, not yet.  But it’s been raining  or slushing for over a week with another week forecasted. The brighter side is that the snow level is around 4000′ which is putting down snow where it needs to be and melting it out of my yard! The daffie that had it’s shining little face pushed into the snowbank the other day is standing up brightly again out there in the rain. There’s some crocus and primroses, too, so spring is around the corner, as the saying goes.

Meanwhile, we’re using the time in the shop and on the looms. I have finished my HandWoven “Sleeveless” entries and just need to get some Natural Light to take photos. Not this week tho! lol

Hope you are seeing some springtime where you are!

Winter Beauty

There is even beauty in the winter doldrums. This is my Port Orford cedar that we rescued from a mud slide years ago. It’s sibling didn’t survive but this one is now, I’m guessing, around 25′ tall. It has lovely lacy branches and when wet and foggy is even prettier. Next to it is the rhododendren, a little flattened by the winter snow load, but it’s perking up even now and will be blooming before we know it, big red bundles of flowers. So, forgive my sniveling. The world is still beautiful if we look for it.

The Doldrums…

Yeah, it’s been awhile since I posted. Can’t think of anything to say these days. You don’t want to hear me whine about the weather… rain snow rain snow rain rain… you know how it goes this time of year. The sun occasionally comes out just to let us know it’s still there. I have some violets and primroses trying to add some cheer to the gloom.

But I have been working steadily in the shop and weaving a couple projects to enter into HandWoven’s contest for this year. I can’t show you those, tho. Not yet, but here’s a pic Randy took of me working at my new downdraft table. It’s done wonders for the atmosphere in the shop.

Jane Grogan will be teaching classes this summer using a 10″ square (see me sanding those looms) and also Quilting with Weaving using the Tiny Weaver set, both workshops at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair in June. She is a great teacher and talented weaver. If you are in the Wisconsin area do try to sign up for one of her classes. You won’t be sorry, tho if you wait much longer you may be too late!