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CORN! This is the first of my Alaskan Corn, guaranteed to grow in short season country. My first ever ears of corn, even if they are a bit “bite sized”! I’m delighted!


Off these 3′ tall stalks.



Summer time and the livin’ is…… Darned HOT! We actually hit 102 a couple days ago. I don’t remember ever seeing that up here. We have had 100 a c0uple times but never above it. And now tho it is cooler today (94) I’m hearing thunder rolling in the not too far distance. Keep your fingers X-ed that it’s also wet. Chances for that not great, tho, I’m afraid.

But the garden is lovin’ it!

My Sweet potato experiment. Dunno if I’ll get any spuds but the plants are doing fine. I keep them under this hood for the extra warmth. Keep your fingers X-ed for us!



The squashes are also doing fine.


And there’s tomatoes getting nicely fat.


The rest is looking good, too, from the cabbages and chard to the gloriosa’s and the bee balm which the hummers just love!


I do have weaving projects going but they are all big ones and going are to take awhile.

Hope you’re having a fun and safe and not too hot 4th!