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The ear warmer

I promised photos of me wearing it so you could get an idea how it works. so here they are. I’m hoping this will work when  hat is too warm but you need your ears covered. Won’t be able to test this theory for a few months yet. You could do the same thing for a smaller person or child using the Tiny Weaver set or even the square and triangle Multi Looms.

ear warmer9aear warmer9

Oh my… how time flies…

And that’s even if you’re not having fun.  Not that I’m having un-fun, it’s just that time of year, but sorry I have been so long in posting. Peaches got ripe, then the fire and three shows coming up in September, then his truck had to go to the shop. We have to go pick it up today. You know how these things go.

But sis was down this week for an all too short visit and brought along a couple skeins she has spun from her birthday fleece.. I got a chance to try it out with a little weaving in the evening while we chatted. I used the 7 inch set. We had been discussing pattern weaves on the Multi and I thought I’d try one diagonally. I think it worked pretty well so will have to get busy and try a few more of them. This one is the slide stitch. I wove a few rows, six I think, and then worked a slide row with three regular rows in between & it came out nicely spaced. Now don’t take my word for this as I can’t really remember for sure. I’m not going to tell you the details of how to do it this morning but will work it as I type tomorrow so hopefully can get it right. Meantime if you’re interested you can go to my YouTube- Weaver Hazel– and take a look at the Multi version.

But here’s what I made with the sample yarn. Two squares and two triangles, sc around the edges and a tie string. It’s an ear warmer. I’ll also try to get a photo of it on. This kind of shows the pattern stitch.

ear warmer4 ear warmer8a

Adventures in Nature

The beavers are building a nice lake in the woods nearby. Turtles, fish, mosquitoes, lots of critters enjoying the water. also water cress and blackberries thriving there. Trouble is those creative builders want ALL the water. We would like a bit of it to come down stream so about every two weeks we have to go  and modify their dam.  We don’t take it out because we like them and everybody ought to be able to enjoy the water and we just want a share. So far it’s been working fine.

I don’t usually go but I wanted to see their operation. They dont’ show their little rodent-y faces while we’re there of course so no beaver pictures but here’s some of their operation. Looking down stream from atop the dam.

Looking downstream off the dam

Lake Beaver. It really extends quite a way upstream, further than the camera could capture. A nice lake. Beaver Treasure lake


modifying dam 4 modifying dam 5

He moves it to the secondary dam and then they spend the next two weeks building it back up. Keeps them both busy. And then we get blackberries. Even some that are almost out of reach!


DSC02447 Berries4 berries5


Not what I started but…

I think it worked out okay, tho a more simple garment. I know poncho’s haven’t really been in style since Martha Stewart got out of jail but I’ve never had one and thought it might really work as well as a shrug for those coolish times of the day when you don’t really want a sweater. For one thing, sleeves are difficult in the shop. The sleeves either catch on the nails or sweep them off the work table, then I have to get out my handy dandy magnet on a handle and get them up off the floor. And same thing just sitting and weaving, they get hung up on everything. Not sure this garment will work any better but I’m going to try it. After trying it on again, I think I might end up adding a couple more rows to the neckline to raise it a bit, but I might wait until cooler weather to decide if I need that. I fitted a 12″ triangle at the back neck to raise the back a bit.  I just about had a heat stroke wearing this for Himself to take the photo. lol What with the smoke from the fire and the thunder storms, the heat and humidity are trapped at ground level here and it gets pretty uncomfortable. But here’s what I came up with. I’ve had some suggestions for the shrug and I have more Jiffy so it is still a possibility. But next on my to-do is tending to the peach crop!

front2back 2

Fire pictures

I know there are other fires in Ca and other states where people are losing their homes that are much more scary than ours is at the moment but it is still scary being this close. I am just glad there are fire fighters to spare for us. Here are a couple rather dramatic photos taken by area people with longer shot distances that I have here at the foot of Billy’s Peak.

I’m not sure from where this one was taken.

Marti Mullions picture

This one was taken from the Trinity Center airport, 8 miles down highway 3 from here.

from Trinity Center Airport at about 2 p.m. 8-3-14

This one was taken from the East Fork road, but E Fork of the Trinity, not E Fork of Coffee Creek where the fire is. We live at the foot of this Mt. The fire is just behind and to the west (left) of it. This is what it looks like in the morning. The brown air is all the way to the ground. Weather forecast for the next few days is more thunder storms and the possibility of “heavy rain”. Do pray for that part!




Okay, scratch that.

Added 8-3   Shrug is not working. Wanted to warn you here so you can rethink if you are following my examples. :-0      Not sure if it’s the plan or just my size. Plan rather simplistic, I agree. But it seemed like a good idea. Too short in back and too tight under the arms. tho the sleeves were plenty big.  I could probably  weave more squares and then cut and sew but I think I’ll just try something else this time. Stayed tuned!

But I do have a couple things to show you, meantime. This 14″ square was proving a little unhandy as a lap loom the other evening and I remembered I had this table easel over in my painting stuff so went and fetched it out. It works pretty good for this. My middle sister made one for me that sits on the edge of the table that would also work but I’m not sure where that one is at this point. But you might want to consider something like this if you’re having the same problem. I have it set on a dining chair to put it to the right height for me to work on from my chair.


The other thing is joining. You can do a russian join, which is what I have been doing, or if you have wool, the ‘spit’ join. But I just sewed the yarn into the new piece without the russian loop and it holds really well in both wool and acrylic. It may make a bit thinner lump that the previous type join. You could probably thin it by cutting plies before you stretch the join out, but I haven’t tried it yet. Sew the yarn into next strand, pull the last end flat (after you take the needle off) then work the first end flat. If you have a little lump at the beginning you can work that out with a needle and trim it.


Okay, I’m going to weave another 14″ twill square and think about what this is going to become since it’s not, after all, going to be a shrug.



Well, I hope we don’t have to evacuate. So far it seems to be moving west and north, into the wilderness and away from us but still too close for comfort and the sun is red this afternoon.  Details, but I’m not sure this link will work.

8-2 a8-2 c8-2 b

What’s next?

Added 8-3   Shrug is not working. Wanted to warn you here so you can rethink if you are following my examples. :-0      Not sure if it’s the plan or just my size. Plan rather simplistic, I agree. But it seemed like a good idea. Too short in back and too tight under the arms. tho the sleeves were plenty big.  I could probably  weave more squares and then cut and sew but I think I’ll just try something else this time. Stayed tuned!


I was thinking of trying another shawl, maybe a little bigger but the yarn I pulled out of stash proved to be insufficient for that but I think it’ll make a nice shrug. It’s, Lion Brand Jiffy that I bought when our Five & Dime went out of business some years back. Got a nice price for it. I could buy more but I’m trying to use stash. It’s a bulky yarn, acrylic. Soft, a little fluffy so that you have to open the shed each time to avoid tangles, but it weaves fast enough. I also have a skein of charcoal LB ‘Homespun’ that I might use to assemble or for some accent. I’m using the 14″ square this time and my squares are coming out about 12 1/2″.

DSC02337 weave sample

Here’s the plan. So far.

It’s a twill: Weave 7 rows plain.

Start pattern;

o1, u1,*o2, u1* end o1, u1.

The thing is that it is going to change at the ends every other row, just go with the pattern. And this might not work if you’re using another size looms but I’m sure you can figure it out. You just want to keep the edges neat. You can work a couple o1, u1  at each side if that works better for you.

This is what I more or less envision. You could use a couple more big squares on the sleeves if you have enough yarn to make them longer. I think these are going to be about 3/4 sleeves. Maybe even less. Humm….. Well, no point worrying about it now. I have a few more squares to weave.