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Trying something new (to me).

AssemblyMethod (227k image)

A fellow weaver on Ravelry mentioned assembling a baby blanket using the Flat Braid method. I’d never seen this one before so I wove up 4 Tiny squares with some left-over baby yarn and made this little blanket to try it out. It adds a bit of laciness to it. For those of you asking about assembling you might want to give this a try. I think I might use it on my swap afghan, when I finally get around to putting it together.
Google flat braid crochet and you’ll get lots of YouTube instructions.

Tyler’s Mini

miniskirt2 (257k image)

I wove Tyler a mini skirt with two Tiny squares and knitted rib waistband. Fit’s her perfectly! I’m working on a top for it next. Looks good with her new cardigan, tho. Next I’m going to see what fancy, designer type yarns I may have in stash and see if I can weave her a party gown. I’m having a blast with my new doll!

Hope you’re finding fun things to weave. πŸ™‚

“I really use my hands…”

I_really_use_my_hands.... (19k image)

I think this was from an old dishwashing detergent ad. But it probably should read … “misuse”. Still, it’s hard to get though a day if you are being cautious all the time. Things happen! πŸ˜› There’s broken nails, hangnails, callouses, other cat scratches, nicks, nail bruises from a bad aim with the hammer and mysterious marks I have no idea where they came from.
But, heck… I do really use my hands! Other than a bit of carpel tunnel now and then and some arthritis in my right thumb, they are still doing a good job for me in spite of a little roughness and a few semi permanent stains! :laugh:
Hope you are getting good mileage from yours. And keeping them warm! πŸ™‚

Our Prowler

Prowler1 (328k image)

Well, we got it home at last. This is the traveling motel room we’re taking on our spring journey to visit the kids and our country. We’ll take a practice run later this winter and I’ll let you know how we like it! Himself just announced that we’re buying a new mattress for it. :laugh:

fingerknitted scarf

fingerknit_finger_crocheted_scarf_on (78k image)

Here’s my scarf. I posted a close up below here but this is the overview. It was fun to do and I think even a small child could manage it. If you ‘google’ there are several sites giving instructions & it’s a great way to get kids ‘hooked’ on fiber crafts! I remember back in the Olden Days, we used to make endless cords with 4 strands of leather or plastic strips. And then there was friendship bracelets, a fine thread version of macrame`. Well, I’m sure we all went though it and here we are today…still at it! πŸ˜€

fingerknitting closeup

fingerknit_finger_crocheted_scarf2 (204k image)

This is the scarf I made by finger knitting a skein of Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick yarn. The band says there are 84 yards (76 m). It made a long rope, too long to be practical as a scarf so I finger crocheted it …made a chain… so shorten. It’s maybe a bit too short now. I could work it tighter and lengthen it that way but I think that would destroy the texture of it some. It’ll do and for a child it would be even better, of course. It’s also better this way for those of us who are uncomfortable with a ‘rope’ around our necks! :laugh: But it was fun to make and I’m going to have to try at least one more with some of that ‘fur’ novelty yarn I’ve bought for some unknown reason! πŸ˜›

Meet Tyler Wentworth

TylerWentworth_1st_outfit2a (115k image)

This is my first large lady doll. Not counting the widow and the cloth dolls I made myself. The is a Tonner doll, for those of you ‘in the know’. I only learned of them when I joined a doll group on Ravelry and accidentally bought this one on ebay. But I’m glad I did. She’s very pretty. I spend three days knitting and reknitting this skirt from KnitPicks Lace weight wool and am still not really happy with it. But she is clothed, anyway. She came in a teddy and stockings. I’ve put them away for safe keeping but I love her little shoes.
Anyway… This is what I have been doing while Himself is on jury duty. Tomorrow I get back to painting. My frame stuff should be here this week sometime.
Stay warm and find something fun to fiber!