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shearingA (117k image)

Here is Sis and the shearer working over one of the four who got hair cuts Friday. Only one put up a fuss, he just never has taken to the process. The rest were nervous about bellys and legs but did pretty good. We got more great fleece than we’re going to be able to use in awhile but with my new loom getting warmed up soon, there’s going to be a need for it! Rosy’s wheel will be smokin’! πŸ™‚


Luminor (150k image)

Luminor thought he was just too white and pretty after getting his hair cut so took a refreshing roll in the dirt then sat in the sun awhile. They all enjoyed being hosed and did a bit of frolicking in celebration. We were glad too, but too pooped to do much frolicking! πŸ˜€

Later on shearing day

shearing8B (114k image)

Well, here’s Rosy, goofing off, making faces at the camera while I’m slaving away combing the vm out of Lil Guy’s fleece. :plain: Well, I guess she deserved a bit of a break. Getting that lovely fleece off him was quite a chore. He was fine with the top but didn’t care to have his belly or legs touched. But between the three of us we got it done and he got a hosing off later, which he really enjoyed. Rosy wouldn’t go for the hosing but did enjoy a shower! :laugh:

I know it’s a weed but…

weed4 (213k image)
It is a relative of the hosta and it’s been thriving in this broken pot for three years now and , except for a little damage where a hungry bug stopped for lunch it looks quite attractive, I think. I stick the little hen in there that had dropped off of something else and it too, seems to be thriving, suggesting this was a happy combination.
It is a real humdinger of a July. Hot, hot, hot! But I give these guys a douse with the hose every couple days and they go right on in great shape.
Hope you are all surviving as well!

New Boy Toys…

Tonka3 (132k image)

Grampa struck it rich! One of his customers is moving and their grandsons being grown now, they had no need of these wonderful old METAL Tonka vehicles. There’s trucks and all sorts of construction machines. He got 6 of them to go with the one dump truck (the orange-ish one) we already had. The dirt pile is getting a whole new remodeling! :laugh:
This is their last week. We have to head up to Medford on Friday so they can get back on the plane at 6 am Saturday. Got a call from Eddy yesterday. He and Justin made it home safely early Sat. morning. The last of the summer people in the two neighboring cabins are also leaving today. It’s going to be quiet around here. How shall we stand it! πŸ˜‰ It’s been great visiting with everyone and we’re going to miss them all.

My new toy!

loom1a (159k image)

It’s a Cambridge by the Reed Loom Company. It’s been sanded and finished by the husband of the previous owner who gave the loom to me when they moved. She never used it but I’m going to! I ordered the instruction book and already have a nice selection of yarns and many, many weaving books.
What shall I weave first?!

Family reunion

7-8cc (138k image)

πŸ™‚ Brother John and wife, Debi, came up to visit for a few days and meet the kids whom they haven’t seen in years. Rosy came down, too. That’s John and Rosy studying the finer points of modern digital photography. We’ve really enjoyed visiting in spite of the heat and mosquitoes. John and Debi go home tomorrow and Eddy and Justin leave on Friday. Karen has a couple weeks yet and then it’ll be back to just us mouses. :hehe: