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Some things from April.

For instance, this pretty bowl of spalted Maple which Randy made for me from a tree we had to remove from the property.DSC09606







And tho it’s early and still chances of frost, some things aren’t worried about a little thing like that. My peas are now a couple inches tall.

ppeas 4-15







And we had a guest the other evening. It’s a White Lined sphinx moth. also called a humming bird moth. I have had to put out the humming bird feeder, too. Those little guys are one their way north again.

Hummingbird moth 2









And there are daffodils blooming all over, little windflowers in the lawn, the trees are showing new leaves and the cherry trees are in full bloom, as is my little peach. Whatever is happening in the northern sections of the country, it is Spring here! I hope you are getting some, too!