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The traveling loom!

truckloom (195k image)

Sort of like that knitting lady with the traveling sock, I guess but I was waiting for Himself again. He was with the dentist this time. It was cooler and nicer sitting in the shade in the truck than in that stuffy waiting room. The squares for Janna’s WeaveZine shawl are coming along nicely, I think. We went on up to Medford for some shopping after this and I didn’t get any more weaving done today, but I was able to get a zipper for the play suit and…it looks like I’m going to try my hand at making buttons out of Sculpy as I could not find any I thought suitable. πŸ˜‰
It was nice and hot today. According to the forecast it’s going to continue to be hot, but maybe not quite so nice! :laugh:
Tourist traffic is already heavy on the interstate. Hope you have a safe trip if you are among them & enjoy a fun 4th!

The Multi Loom Playsuit is done!

playsuit3 (248k image)

Finally got the shorts woven and assembled. I think it’s cute. I still have to find the proper buttons and a zipper for the back of the shorts. Then I have to canvas the neighborhood for a slim figure willing to model it. It looks okay on the plastic lady but I want to see how it fits a real person.
It didn’t take long to weave considering that there are 21 4″ squares in the top and some 32 in the shorts, if I remember correctly. Plus I made the shorts legs and little longer with the 2X4″ loom.
If you have the Multi loom or a weavette or one of the other little looms you can find the pattern for this one on


DSC03014Loom&Fire (324k image)

While Randy checked out the nearby trails, I entertained the mosquitoes and wove on my 6″ Multi there by the campfire. The rest of our trip is in the next two posts. More pretty pictures! πŸ™‚

At Crater Lake, Oregon

CraterLakeSmall (173k image)

I know you’ve probably seen this picture a billion times, even if you’ve never been there but it is so lovely, it’s worth another look. Randy and I spent a couple days taking pictures and driving around the rim. We stayed in the campground there with a passel of other people… a popular place. πŸ˜€ Then we moved on, toured Diamond lake and ended in a nearly deserted campground out in the middle of Oregon, somewhere, I think near the headwaters of the Umpqua River. it was a really enjoyable and relaxing trip. The only drawback was that now that the snow is melting, Oregon’s Deluxe sized mosquitoes were out in full force. I kept a hot campfire going and that kept most of them at bay. A bit of breeze came up now and then and that also helped. But… we were really glad we invested in that trailer! :laugh:
Home again now and back to work in the loom shop!


Shastablog (145k image)

Mt. Shasta from the east… Wait! Is that steam?! No, guess not, it’s just a little cloud. Whew! Just a little volcanic fun. πŸ˜€ I got this great shot at a view point on the way up HWY 97 heading for Crater Lake.

Dirty Pictures

Dogwoodsm (187k image)

The reception last night was fun and, I think, successful. Quite a lot of people came and there were good comments and lots of interest in my locally collected and hand-made pigments. I had three oils but the rest of my paintings were painted with Trinity County dirt. The painting above sold along with some small prints. The show will hang for a month so who knows what may happen in that time. But I enjoyed my first gallery experience, in any case. My previous sales were though a local restaurant. Sold many there but the ambiance is totally different! πŸ˜€
Now, back to my weaving… πŸ™‚