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Took this though the screen at the bedroom door. The white in the background is just what you think. Got about three inches on Tuesday. Rained some off yesterday but it looks like we have more coming in tonight. Meanwhile some optimistic color in the pot on the steps. The green netting is to (I hope) discourage the greys from digging everything up. I have hardly a pot of planter in the yard that hasn’t been excavated. It’s bad enough the darned squirrels plant their acorns in my flowers but then they can’t remember where they did hide them so dig up everything in their search!  I’m beginning to think I might enjoy my Dad’s old favorite.. Squirrel Stew!

But I’m getting some weaving time when I’m not in the shop making looms. If you’re on Ravelry, check the Small Looms group, the Doll WAL. A new cutie’s been posted!

Spring time?

Beaver dam

Randy has been trying to discourage this family since they moved in last fall but they seem determined to stay. The problem is that they have damed off our access to Coffee Creek and the water way to Treasure Creek which runs though the residential district. (if it can be called that in our little village) This is going to make a lot of people unhappy. A lot of fishes and frogs & raccoons, too. I am hoping that Randy and the beavers can work out a way for all of us to share the water. The trouble will come in the late summer when the creek starts getting low.  We have not yet been able to get a photo of the workers themselves.

Spring is peeking out up here in the mts, tho. At least things are budding and the daffies and tulips are started out of the ground. I even have primroses blooming! You guys who are still buried under feet of snow… keep the faith, it will happen there too!

Rainy day

Rain and low sky today made it a good day for burning the pile. Large puddles between the snow berms, too. Not spring yet but heading that way. Nothing much going on. Working in the loom shop and cooking and cleaning… wow! 😀 Won low score at Bunko this evening and lost my Bunko Bitch rhinestone studded pin to another. She took it with only 3 bunko’s whereas I won it with 6! Okay, as you can see I really had nothing interesting to say but I promised myself I’d post regularly so there it is.

Nail Boxes

This is one of the boxes we have to give away.  Approximatly 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ by 1″ deep. You pay postage however, but only what it costs me. Randy has kept these neat and clean. The old labels are still on but you can cover it with your own or remove them if you want. With or without they are useful boxes and I hate throwing them away. We empty a lot of them here in the loom shop. Email me if you want them and how many. I’ll bundle them up and let you know how much and you can pay me via PayPal. I expect he has at least 50, probably more. dorleska at tds dot net

Home again

Got over the mountain on Tuesday and spent  three days with Sis in Oregon. Did my shopping and headed home yesterday. I left noonish to give the crews plenty of time to do any snow plowing that might have been needed. They say they plow weekdays. Well, they took Friday off.  The pass was unplowed and it was snowing rather well above about 3500′. So… I had to go back to Sis’s or go around. I went around.  I was 20 minutes  from home at the snow line but 4 hours around. Got home about 8:30 pm and was ready for cold pizza and bed!

I took this photo on the way over. It’s the snow stake at the pass on Scott Mountain. I guess it’s buried the rest of the way by now! It poured down last night, here.

The pass on Tuesday