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An invitation

I am issuing an invitation to anyone interested to join us on American Girl Knitters for a WeaveALong to make a dress for an 18 inch girl doll. She doesn’t have to be an AG. I will be using the 4” Square Multi Loom but you can also use your weave-it or the Tiny Weaver Square or any other loom you have that will make a 3 1/2” to 4” square.
As a little bonus, I am offering 10% off the 4” Multi loom  for weavers who would like to join in but don’t have a loom. (Sorry you missed the sale but you can still get your hand crafted hard wood loom at )
This is a great group for doll lovers of all ages and we’d be delighted to have you join us. The WAL will start
February 1 so you have time to go though your stash, find your looms and yarn. I will be using a variety of yarns, mostly sock yarns but any that makes a nice fabric on your loom will do fine.
No age limits, either direction! Come play with us!!

Samantha is modeling the dress we’ll be making but I have several other patterns to share with WAL Members!

Original Dress 8

















Lexi’s shorts set is one of the extras. Made with the same loom as are all the rest of these dresses!

Shorts & top


Here is Samantha and Addy all ready for the holiday parties.

December  twins















This peasant girl skirt can be made as full as you like. Mine may not be quite full enough. I guess Molly hasn’t spun up enough sock yarn! lol

Peasant Girl

And there are more, once you see the possibilities with small looms, there’ll be no stopping you!

Here’s a couple of the fancier ones I’ve made, some using more than one loom. Well, you get the idea! Even tho the layout of these pictures is getting weird on me you can see that you can do a lot with your little loom.  You don’t need to knit to make a great wardrobe for you doll! But come join us and learn how easy it really is. And how much fun!

Marigold3BSwimSuit1Pants and Tee1a

A Late Christmas Visit

We finally made it to Randy’s Mom’s for Christmas. It was not quite the same but we have an really enjoyable visit, even if it was halfway thought January! We met Katie, who waits here for me to toss her monkey so she can chase it. We didn’t do any big events, other than watch the ‘Niner’s beat Green Bay, which was rather fun. But we spent a lot of time talking, eating, and catching up while Randy took care of a list of “Honey Do’s”! lol Now we’re back home where it is just as cold and a lot whiter. I don’t think any snow has melted since we left. Oh well!