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Summer working!

The boys are earning their swimming trip today! And it’s hot today. The shale is to fill for the foundation of the new garage. Yesterday they pulled nails to recycle some 2×4’s. When do you thing they’ll want to come visit grandparents again! lol

Summer memories

Their Mom sent the boys each a journal, so when the ball game comes on in the evenings I print out a photo of something that we’ve done that day and they get to make an entry in the journal so Mom can share in their trip when they get home. They are doing pretty good at it with a little encouragement. Here Shane is checking what Mac wrote in his. Randy reads or Googles and I weave while the ball game is on the XM radio. Since the weather has kind of settled into summer warm, it’s actually a peaceful way to spend the evening on the deck. Sometimes the boys and I have a game of scrabble or dominoes. As a rule Shane is the best at scrabble and Mac excels at dominoes. But I occasionally win at both.

Water, water… brim full!

The grandsons worked hard today so I took them swimming. They even got Cori in and up on the log! I sat in the shade and read while they froliced. It was cool enough to be comfortable and I’m just not often attracted to swimming anymore.
Today we have a small possibility of thunder storms and it’s a little cooler. Both of them have weaving project underway and so do I so we’ll probably sit in the shade and weave.
I have to go buy veggies from our local farmer as these two teens are fond of green food. My little garden can’t keep up with 4 people so I have to supplement. But it makes me happy to see. They’ll be here for another 3 weeks & We’re enjoying each others company! Wish their Mom could have come, too.

It’s hot today!

Almost up to 90 and it”s only 1pm. I offered Robin the chance to come in and crash on the bed in the cool but being an old man now, he prefers the deck and the heat. Sure looks comfortable, I kinda envy him!