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Another sign of spring!

catgora (172k image)

It’s Catgora harvest time! πŸ˜€ she hates it. Well, she hates having her tummy brushed. But just a brief working with the defurbalator shows you why she has to put up with it this time of year. Her language would make that proverbial sailor blush, but she was fairly well behaved for long enough. One of these days I’m going to get this stuff spun up and knit or weave something. It is so fine and soft that it makes angora rough by comparison. But now my nose is going to itch for a couple hours! lol

Lace & Beads

lace&beads (385k image)

Mother Nature’s fiber art! She’s strung green beads of new leaves onto the lacy branches of my weeping willow. Isn’t it lovely?! It’s a gorgeous day with a high of 74! There’s a light breeze and the soft perfume of violets that are blooming in the yard & the first daffie is blooming, too. I’m not the only one celebrating this beautiful day. The birds are singing, the squirrels barking, bees and flies, and wasps, and butterflies and moths finding their way in and (usually) out of the open french doors. Robin is, naturally, asleep in a sunny spot on the bed…. but he did go out today for several hours! πŸ˜€

Hope you are enjoying spring at your place! πŸ™‚

Warm sunny spring day?

robin (197k image)

The rain has gone and the sun is shining brightly.. It’s nearly 70 degrees so I let the cats out to enjoy it. So where does Robin choose to spend his free time? Old men of any species! πŸ˜€ Hope you’re having sunshine!


iris (222k image)

Sis told me I shouldn’t have the header and the first picture the same, but I think it makes it look like a bigger bouquet! πŸ˜€ None the less, I have this new one. Not, I know, the time of year for digging iris, but that bed had to be done. It was so grass bound that the iris were loosing ground, anyway. But Sis, you’d better get the tiller out and make a bed because I’m bring you iris to plant asap! I’m going to replant some, too, if I can find a place for them, preferably sunny with no grass around. That’s the biggest weed I have… lawn! :angry:

Hope you don’t get back aches from your spring fever!


crocus2 (198k image)

Looks what I found today! And a primrose, too. the day lilies are starting to poke green shoots up as are the iris. Too exciting! Daffies are almost 4″ tall. We did quite a bit of clean up today while the sun was shining nicely. It was even… well… not quite warm exactly but quite comfortable with a sweater. πŸ™‚
Hope you are finding spring at your house!


reddingblooms1 (315k image)

Yup… Spring has started in Redding. I’m told the flowering trees started blooming about 3 days ago. I also got a shot of a Ca. poppy blooming at the base of the rolling door at the tire shop while we waited for Randy’s truck to be fitted out in new rubber. The pinkish in the photo is the tender young oak leaves just cautiously beginning to unfurl. The only sign of spring up here in the mountains so far is melting snow and catkins on alder and willow. It’s 29 degrees this morning, which is up from 23 yesterday. I guess that could be a sign as well. πŸ˜› My son in Maryland just told me they got 8″ of snow this week, but I hope you are seeing the warmth at the end of the winter ‘tunnel’ where you are!

Fashionable dog

CammiesSweater (343k image)

Calamity Jane is a Pomeranian tho Sis keeps her clipped (which seems to defeat the purpose Pom-wise?) but she just knitted a sweater for their morning walks. As you see here, Cammie really loves her new garment! πŸ˜€
I thought you’d enjoy this photo and maybe be inspired to tortu…that is, to knit for your pooch. πŸ˜‰