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On the road again….


Nearly packed. We need to leave early tomorrow morning to stay even with the storm. Would not like to run out into warn sunny weather when we can travel though rain and snow and freezing temps, now would we? Yeah, I’m being a tad sarcastic. We tried to get Himself to plan the trip later in the month but he kept saying there’d be too many people, the parks would be packed and finally wore us down. Now here we go, just in time to keep pace with what will probably prove to be the last storm of the season. Oh well, the desert show a lot of color when it’s wet. Well, it does if it’s not covered in snow! lol 

None the less it will be an interesting trip. Sis and her hubby are caravan-ing with us and we’re going to visit Zion, Bryce, and probably the Grand Canyon. I am looking forward to it.  I’ll be posting here when I can. Hopefully a lot more often than I have been this spring. Sorry ’bout that. And just in case it is to awful to go out, I brought a bit with looms and yarn!


I ‘borrowed’ this photo that my daughter sent me. She’s bragging about 80 degree sunshine there in Georgia with the dogwood blooming. I had to send her in exchange a photo of my budding weeping willow in the falling snow! 😦

Oh well, it is not (so far) sticking but I just went around the yard yesterday taking pictures of the blooming spring flowers. I noticed this morning that the old peach and the purple plum are blooming. No crop again this year! My new little peach tree is better bred for the area, I guess, as it is being conservative with it’s buds. Well, I hope you saw the sunshine today!


I’ve been wanting to try my hand with these 0000 knitting needles and found that Sis had some in her stash so I borrowed them and got out some lace weight yarn, found a pattern and started knitting. Frogged my first effort as I could not keep track of the pattern, it being very small. Frankly, I couldn’t see it! lol  Old eyes, dark yarn, and really small stitches do not make for good knitting partners. But this one is a k2p2 rib and so far I have managed to find all the dropped stitches. I have about 1 1/2″ done so far and at least 3-4 more to go. If I don’t poop out entirely it’s going to take most of the summer to finish this! Thank goodness I have the looms to go to when my eyes start x-ing! lol 

I am working on the baby dresses and I think they are coming along well. I just wish I had a baby to try them on. One problem that came to me in the night will have to be adjusted. The first little dress I made  is a slip-over and if I recall (my baby being nearly 42 years old) that is a difficult type of garment to get on a baby or even a toddler, so I am going to have to modify this dress to make it button up.  I did order more yarn so I can make another one. I also bought some boy yarn . Now I just have to come up with a cute boy idea.  🙂

Happy Easter

Sis bought me an Easter basket for my birthday and it is in full bloom now. The first such thing I’ve had in years. Very pretty!

It’s good to have something cheerful around today as it is dark and cold  and sleeting and snowing… No sunrise this morning!

But I understand that the east is having lovely weather for Easter after their wicked winter! Congratulations to you guys!

The loom maker took yesterday off so we’ll be back in the shop today. It is warmer and drier than outdoors, anyway! lol I understand that the interstate is one again having blizzard conditions. Happy to be home in our warm shop!

Hope you are somewhere warm and dry, but if you share our weather, it is at least a good day for yarn. 🙂