So what now? Random Weaving…


Designing your own Random squares

©Hazel Spencer 2-2022

Now that you have woven a square you can see that the “secret” is the double row of dark yarn. That’s all you really need to know. Now you can change your pattern at any point. It is a mathematical pattern, geometric in a way. But while possibilities may not be endless they are vast. You can design truly random, there are random number generators you can use for free on line to give you the number of light rows to weave next, Or you can just make it up as you go. You can weave progressively, always counting the light yarn here, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Or you can do a repeat pattern, which will give you the well-known Log Cabin pattern. You can try Fibonacci: 1, 1, 3, 5, 8, 13… Again, depending on the number of nails on your loom; the more warps you have the more complicated your pattern can be.

Here’s a little explanation of warp and weft on the diagonal woven loom.

Every time you weave, you weave both warp and weft, unlike other looms. I refer to this process as rows but it could be rounds as well. But every row/round you weave you add two warps and two wefts. My chart is looking at the left side of the loom and the pattern starts at the top. If when you get to the bottom of the chart you still have nails/pins on your loom just start at the top again.

I am doing every other square in black and white or in a light color and black. You can use two colors, a dark and light shade of the same color or two different colors, a dark and a light. I am planning to do a variegated yarn with black to see what that looks like. Part of the fun of this is exploring and trying any ideas you have to see what you come up with. Here’s a piece of my project laid out of the bed. You can see that some of them look kind of alike at first glance but when you look at the pattern you see that they are all different. It can be challenging to come up with a new design! But I think we’ll all have unique designs in pattern and color, varieties of yarn, and looms. By the way, that dark one at the top is a lovely wine color with the black, showing that two fairly dark colors don’t really work well together for this.

Do share as we will all want to see your original Designs!

What you do with your squares is also part of you designing. I plan to make an afghan of mine, man sized which will be a Birthday gift for Himself if I can finish it by the end of April! They would make an interesting set of pillows, or a baby blanket, or project bag. If you’re using the Multi loom, they could become coaster like those in the last Little Loom magazine. If you are having as much fun with this as I am you could combine them with solid colored squares and decorate you patio table with a bright new table cloth!

It would be wonderful if you could share a new square every week. Or every day if you want! We’ll inspire each other!

Ready to weave in ends and add the border.