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Winter has arrived, I guess.

It started about 7pm last night. Power was out in the night but the guys got it on for about an hour this morning, just time enough to make a pot of coffee, thank goodness, before it went off again. 8 and a half hours later we have finally got power again. The fridge is still trying to catch up. But we have hot turkey soup for dinner and a fire in the wood stove so we are cozy! We’re supposed to get a couple days of partly sunny before the next one. Might melt off a bit of this nearly 12″ of new white. Took this early this morning though the bedroom blinds. That’s Randy’s Jay feeder. Hope your holiday weekend went happily!

A Special offer!

It’s been several days since I posted I see, but I have been busy! We are making a special offer to weavers just in time for the on-line version of Black Friday. If you are among those who had rather do their shopping at home than put yourself in harms way out in the shopping malls this one might just be for you!
When you order your 12 Or 7 inch loom between now and December 20th you will get a free project sheet for our newest pattern… the Button Down Scarf… PLUS 3 hand made Yew-wood buttons to use on your new scarf! Yew wood is the same wood used to make the famous bows in the olden days. It is a rare tree these days but you need not worry that any trees were harmed to make these unique buttons. The dead branches used for these buttons were collected over the years by Randy’s dad in his wanderings though the Trinity Alps, & he never cut live wood. It is a very hard and beautiful wood.
The scarf is easy and economical to weave and would make a great Christmas gift as well. The scarf I am weaving was made using the 12″ square loom but this scarf can also be woven using the 7″ square.

Winter Warning!

We had a sprinkling on the deck last evening but Mother Nature relented and moved the snow back up the hillside. Thanks, Mom!

Autumn activity

Randy went to work on Grandmother’s apple peeler and got it working again. It needed a little aligning and some sharpening. This old machine has peeled a lot of apples! It was given to Grandmother many years ago by a friend who told her it had been his mother’s. Grandmother passed it on to me a long time ago. I haven’t used it the last couple years as it was out of whack, but Handy Randy has it going again. I’ve put up two and a half dozen pints of apple sauce this week and am working on pies for the freezer today. Unfortunately my freezer is getting a little crowded! I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get as many in there as I’d like. My poor BIL may have to take one home with him after Thanksgiving! lol

Welcome to November!

The temperature was 41 this morning, on the warm side, but the mt. tops are white, none the less. The trees that still have leaves are brightly colored and I have this ready to go into the oven. I have never grow Jack Be Little pumpkins before so have not a clue what will become of them I did them like apples, brown sugar spices and some raisins. I thought about adding some ginger cookies crumbs but the local store did not have any ready at hand. Well, x your fingers for them!

I’ve been working on the toddler clothing. I have some nice cotton bamboo blend but it kind of a wimpy color, I’ll need to find something to give it some kick.
I worked in the shop a bit but had to give it up as I kept hitting my thumb with the hammer. So I’ve been doing book work most of the day. Gaaa!
Well, I see Himself is home. Must be Game Time! Go Giants!