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Santa goodies!

CatBurgler4 (298k image)

Cori wasn’t sure about unwrapping her present herself, but she was intrigued by the fact that it had a squeaker! :confused: I helped her unwrap it and she caught right on. It took her awhile last year before she’d go near her “kitty” but the Cat Burglar has just the right something, I guess! πŸ˜€ We tug-a-war-ed and played catch and fetch and when everyone else pooped out she laid on her back and played with him by herself.
Randy and I had a nice Xmas, too. He bought me a mystery on CD and a book of Cryptograms for use in the small room. In fact, it’s shaped like a commode! lol But I’m getting a new chair as soon as we can get to town again. I got him several smaller things and Grandmother liked her new flannel gowns, too. She likes to sleep cozy. Probably my most unexpected present was from Rosy who presented me with a lovely little trinket box containing a lovely… you can’t call a thing like that a doily!.. doily called Alita, she says. Very like the Stor Rund Dug she knitted for herself and just as beautiful. And of the same yarn, unless I’m very much mistaken. (It happens! lol πŸ™„ ) It is just beautiful! Randy just said, “That’s the kind of thing you pass down to your daughter.” Yes, it is, and she IS going to have to wait! Rosy’s Stor Rund Dug is in the archives about Oct. 27th, if you missed that. It is sprinkling this morning but will still be a wonderful day.

And I have the Christmas corned beef in the crock pot… so I get the day off, too! πŸ˜‰

I hope you all have as nice a Christmas.

The Far East Peacock Bolero… an FO!

FEPB3 (45k image)
In spite of the fact that I look pretty depressed I am bubbling with joy to have finished this sweater AND to have it fit just as it should! πŸ˜€ I think it tuned out very well indeed! I used some light worsted weight cormo wool that we dyed purple. It was supposed to be done for the Red Hat Xmas party but I didn’t make it. Oh well, I am really happy with it, in any case. This is the first lace thing I’ve done for myself and I give credit to my sister Rosy for getting me to try lace with the PI shawl and to the EZasPi list for lessons from Liz and encouragement from all the listers! I think I have learned more from this group than from any I’ve joined. Thank you!
Today I cast on with left-over purple, a cap pattern I found on the web, and it turned out to be based on the center motif from the Feather and Fan shawl from GOL, that I am knitting with thread as a table cloth. Irony::rolleyes: I put a plain center in my tablecloth as that one looked too difficult. I just realized that I had knit it in my cap quite easily! lol πŸ˜›

Side and back views

FEPB6 (34k image)

You can see the side front here, it is bolero length, short, but I don’t think it’s too bad. The back is plenty long for warmth without being heavy. I also think the sleeve turned out nicely with the stockinet stitch. Relieves the lace and even sets it off a bit.

The partridge should have stayed in the pear tree….

RandysWindshield3 (204k image)
:O Or, at least, the grouse should have stayed in the apple tree instead of flying at low altitude across highway 3 just at that dim time of evening as Randy was coming home from work. It would have been better for both of them. Randy wasn’t hurt, tho his truck windshield came off badly. Needless to say the grouse didn’t fair as well. He wasn’t even sure it was a grouse, he saw a streak of grey for a fraction of a second and later found a couple of grey down feathers. About the only birds big enough to do that would be a grouse or an owl, could have been either. Tho now that I think about it, the owl does seem more likely at that time of night.
Well, it means a trip to town but could have been worse. A friend rolled her station wagon loaded with wash tubs of blackberries for canning when she got an owl some years ago. They were unhurt but there were mashed blackberry’s everywhere! :blush:

Loom Bloom

SpinOff_Loom_Flower (100k image)

My version of Jana’s Loom Bloom done on the Tiny Weaver Square loom. I think it turned out just as cute as hers! I’m going to make several to make a large corsage to wear at the Red Hat Christmas party. It’s easy to do, all you have to do is run a gather stitch both ways through the center of the square to gather it toward the center. It takes two colored ones and one green one for the leaves. Work french knots for the center or sew beads there, put a pin back or safety pin on behind and there you are! πŸ˜€

The Boogy dogs are singing tonight…

Boogie_dogs (130k image)

About the only time Cori is a lap dog is when the coyotes are singing. I don’t always hear them but she never misses. She’ll growl and run for ‘daddy’s’ lap. Last week when Rosy was here she got the lap dog! It’s the chair furthest from the door. lol Jack, the outside dog, dosen’t worry about them. Well, he’s Rhodesian Ridgeback and St. Barnard and sleeps in his dog house in the wood shed. He does get excited about the bear when that one comes around. The cats are safe indoors this time of year. But they make a cute couple, don’t they?! :laugh:

A winner

43B (96k image)

πŸ˜€ Well, This set took second prize in the large projects part of the lace knitting contest and that got me $50 worth of Goodies Unlimited ( )which I think a pretty good deal. That is my life-sized baby doll wearing the hat and sweater I made in the Shetland lace workshop. It was fun and I learned a lot. I learned, mostly, that I CAN do lace! πŸ™‚ Now I’m racing to get my Far East Peacock Bolero finished in time for the Red Hat Champagne Brunch Christmas party. But I’ve got a feeling that I’m not going to make it. 😦 Oh well… at least it’ll be done by next Christmas. πŸ™„

We are getting back on schedule after the funeral and family and should have all the present loom orders ready to ship by Monday. Randy says he’s got a few ahead now, too. We’re being told that there’s another storm coming in next weekend… we’ll see. We all know how good they are at long range prediction! lol But it will give him more shop time, if so. That’s always good! πŸ˜›