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Art for Art.

disc2 (175k image)

One of the local art galleries is asking artists to make award plaques from cd’s to be awarded to the winners in the juried show in Sept. (They get a more substantial prize as well, of course) So of course I had to play! πŸ˜€ This one is 2 cd’s and a double layer dvd…the purple. I had a heck of a time getting a good picture and they are different colors in different lights so I can’t even tell you which one is the ‘true’ color, so just picked my favorite. I used my little roaster oven that I have for crafts projects to melt them a bit and they were cut on the scroll saw. This one has black beads, the name of which I cannot remember! :angry: and a bit of red foil and the glittered netting.
It was a fun project and there is already an amazing collection of Awards on display at the gallery.
There’s another one below.


Felted_Tri_After (188k image)

Wow! It really felted. I really didn’t think it would get this small. It’s about the same size as the Pink one I wove on the 7″ loom. Well, when it dries I’ll do some embellishing and see what i come up with but I’m going to have to find a new yarn to try to get a bigger bag. The yarn I used to knit the kids purse didn’t felt all that much, so I think I’ll try that next.

But… now I know! :hehe:


Felted_Tri_Before (235k image)

This was made on the 12″ tri loom. It is handspun, but out of my stash and it’s been so long I don’t know what the black yarn is. The colored is easter egg dyed cormo and quite a bit finer than the black. I’m about to toss it in the washer with the felting pants so we’ll just have to see what happens. :O
I made another cord braider and used these yarns to weave the handle around a piece of rope to make it both stronger and larger. I’m not intending to felt it. I suppose it will eventually felt just from handling, which will be fine. I think this one may get a gusset in the sides, too, but I’ll decided that when it come out of the washer.
Wish me luck! :laugh:

My new bag!

Pink_Glitz1a (215k image)

The Pink Glitz! This is some novelty yarn I bought at the dollar store. Lots of eyelash and glitz. It worked up nicely for this project and only took one skein. It’s Patons Glittallic, a 50 gram skein. The bag needs seven 7″ triangles and a strap. I think there was enough yarn left to have made a rope strap for the bag, but I had been playing with that oriental braiding…kumihimo… I made one of these disc’s from a plastic coffee can lid ( ) and had this long ribbon braid that just happened to match the yarn perfectly so I used it for the strap. It had a lovely dangle of ribbon on one end and I happened to have a little gold hummingbird charm, which I threaded on one ribbon end. I think it makes nice little bag. It could be an evening bag, but glitz & glitter seem appropriate anytime these days. It’s easy to make. The pattern is one in my book Hats & Bags. πŸ™‚

More Pink Glitz

Pink_Glitz4 (38k image)

A close up of the tassel of the strap. It is sewn to the front left corner and goes though a loop at the back, then though a loop on the right front corner and is sewn to the right back corner. I came up with this ingenious system all by myself! πŸ˜› I only had the one braid to use as a strap so had to make it work and this seems to. The lining is a found piece that was given to me with some other fabric. I think it is either rayon or silk. Gave it an iron-on backing & a little pocket and it seems to work fine. The colors matched very well, I thought.

The new cell fone case…

cell_phone_case2 (145k image)

Not exactly a case I guess but it will keep it from being bunged up in my rather crowded purse. It’s cuter than the camera case/bag, but it’s also a tight fit! lol I just grabbed some yarn and it tuned out to be hand-spun, easter egg dyed, navajo plied, samoyed. I think it’s going to continue to ‘bloom’… get really fuzzy, as this kind of yarn has in everything I’ve used it for. Much furrier than even angora! Well, I may have to make another ‘case’ for the fone but meantime, it is rather cute, I think! πŸ˜€ Oh yes. I used the 2 x 4″ Multi that Randy made for me.

Soaking up some rays

TwoCats (197k image)

Tazeron & Robin sitting on the back step enjoying the last of the evening sunshine. It was a little smoky again today. Not as bad as it was earlier, but not as nice has it has been all last week. Still, we rode up Bonanza King to visit one of the old copper mines and just get out for a change. Even with the haze of smoke it’s beautiful country and you get a wide view from up there. We didn’t make it to the look-out but but it was nice to get out. Have hardly been anywhere this summer.
Hope your weekend is clear and bright.