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Some pictures

Here’s a few of my pictures.  I did a series of self portraits for a show, running them down through the years. I don’t have them all digital but it started in my 20’s and went on up to the present. They were titled In my 20’s, In my 30’s etc and on up to the last one ! lol

20’s (& painted in my 20’s as well)

This one is In my 60’s.. It’s a dirt painting & not true to life. It was one of the times I never got around to having my hair cut but it was not red by that time. Should have used the red for the back ground and the grey for my hair but I still like it. You can tell that I’ve learned a bit about life in the interim.

And lastly… In my dreams   (When I was in high school I used to make 50 cent each painting ‘cheese cake’ on the hard hats of guys who worked on my dad’s survey crew!)

Well, painting is fun and I have made a few bucks, but probably  not enough to pay for all the supplies I’ve bought though the years!








Trying it out.

I really haven’t make a whole project on the new peg loom so thought I ought to give it a serious try. Randy designed this one at the request of several weavers.   It seems to be going quickly and is making a very plush rug. I’m using  a reel of selvage  cut from knit fabric. I’ve used the smooth-and- cut smaller version of this fabric to make place mats on the Mat Maker loom,  & wove a larger rug on my old rug loom that I gave away. There was lots of this fabric. it was given me by a neighbor of my Rogue River sister. Here’s what I have so far.


Hot here but…

Not as hot as the Eastern parts, thank  the Maker! I closed up the house in the morning and stayed indoors where it was nice and cool. Himself and Dog went hiking to the high country to find their cool. Came home with sore muscles and sunburn but relaxed and happy.

Here’s a view of Ycatapom peak with Mt Shasta way off  in the background. Grass still green and lots of wildflowers in bloom up there at 6ooo’.