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Black Sheep Gathering

BSG3a (222k image)

One of the many fiber personalities I met at BSG. What lovely curls! A nice beard, too. Did I have fun? You betcha! Did I enhance my stash? Of course! 😀 Now I’m weaving a baby sweater of some shades of blue super wash merino. Sis and I spent the afternoon exploring all the wonderful goodies to be had and visiting the producers of all that wonderful fiber.
Tomorrow I’m going south to pick up our Aunt and then head up to Sis’s again to take Aunt to visit. She only has the one day so it’s going to be a long trip, but we’re happy to visit with my mother’s only sister.
Then it’s back home to make looms and mow lawns. Oh yes, and Sis is coming down to help me set up my new DSL! I’m excited, but… seeing is believing! lol I’m still a sceptic! 😛

Baby Stuff…

babystuff (122k image)

I’ve been knitting and weaving baby things from some yarn given me. There were a couple of sweaters started by the gentleman’s late mother and I finished them and started more, having been inspired. Since there are no babies in the family just now and none among my friends, I think I’ll take them in to the hospital to pass out to any new mom who might care for it.
This one’s knitted. I’ll post more pictures when I finish the rest. I see I have a thread yet to weave in here. I didn’t notice it until I saw the photo! :O

Painting a house

fronta (108k image)

I’m painting my house, and not on canvas this time, either. It’s gone too long without this attention. It’s cedar boards and they are getting pretty sun faded. I think the new ‘stuff’ looks nice. It’s a penetrating oil finish, but it washes up with water. Supposed to last 4 years. That’ll be nice! 😀

Flower Power

GwensHat (160k image)

Made this hat for an e-friend. It uses two different yarns, one a fuzzy LB Jiffy. The flower and leaves are crocheted. I think it turned out well on the 12″ square. We’ve had a rather cold spell this past week which made staying in and yarning easy to do. Sun’s out today and it’s almost 76 degrees which is more comfortable than hot. I got the tiller out into the garden this morning, but didn’t last long with it. Will work in it again until I get it done, tho. We may have a garden yet! Too late for peas, but we can still have green beans and maybe some corn, Randy’s favorite.

Big Birds!

BirdOfParadise3 (147k image)

Cousin Kathy brought me a bouquet from her Oakland yard. Very large and exotic Bird of Paradise flowers. They are really very alien looking buds! Very stylized, almost Art Deco, if you can say such a thing of a flower. Very beautiful as well.

Oh yes, I finished the window sills. They are all nicely painted and finished! (pat, pat…)