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December Monday

snowy_socks (125k image)

Not the first snow but the first one that’s likely to stay around. I forgot to bring in my socks last night and it looks like they’ll be dripping behind the wood stove today! Well, Elsie (sister from Florida), do you still want tro stay in a tent in the yard? πŸ˜‰

The Mountain Man (Person?) Poncho

poncho1a (155k image)

Washing a fleece in the washing machine is supposed to be soak and spin, but if you don’t pay attention you get full cycle and a big felted boa! So then what? Darned if I was going to toss half a fleece, but these things will lead to INSPIRATION! πŸ’‘
Carefully washed the other half and spun it up worsted weight and wove 4 14″ triangles which I then made into a poncho. I single crocheted my way around the boa and crocheted it to the triangles. Added the beads and feathers and… well there it is! Jessica pronounced it “Cool” and I have to say, it looks good on her. It might look good on a Mountain Man, too! I’m ashamed to admit it :blush: but I have two more “boas” in my stash! :laugh:

This poncho is up on ebay now, if anyone likes it better than i do!

Smokey at work

Fire1b (117k image)

Well, it’s probably not Smokey. I expect it’s SPI (Sierra Pacific Industries) doing “controlled burns”. Hopefully. We’ve had a good rain so the woods are wet but that doesn’t keep things from smelling like smoke. Well, at least it smells better than my neighbors trash pile earlier this week! 😦 But it made quite a dramatic picture. That’s Coffee Creek in front looking south toward the East Fork, for those of you familiar with our neck of the woods.
It got down to 31 degrees last night but was sunny and bright today. No snow in sight so it looks like it’s going to be a dry Thanksgiving. Maybe we’ll get the leaves raked! πŸ˜›

Home at last!

Scott_Mt._Summit (170k image)

The sign there says “Scott Mt. Summit, elevation 5401”. Took this on my way home today and I want to thank the boys from both Trinity and Skiskyou county CalTrans for getting out early this morning so that I could get home today after yesterday and last night’s snow storms! There’s 2′ up there according to the gauge. I spent a couple of extra days at Sis’s because of that storm. But I got new tires, new shoes, new windshield wipers, and a stash of groceries, so it was worth the wait! Had a nice visit with Sis, too, but if any of you find your emails to me bouncing, please try again. I hadn’t planned to be gone so long or I would have had Himself download stuff.
But he missed me. Said he was tired of trying to think of something for dinner. πŸ™„ That’s True Love, isn’t it?! lol

Ampleknitter’s retreat

Ampleknitter_Retreat_05b (120k image)

Denise cracked us all up with her stories of Stash Acquisition. :laugh: All told with a straight face! lol She did a Wonderful Job of organizing our retreat and I’m certainly grateful for her hard work, as I’m sure we all were. There were about 30 of us, I think, so we’re looking at finding larger quarters for next year.

Ampleknitters Retreat West 2005

Ampleknitter_Retreat_05a (133k image)

Our first ampleknitter’s retreat was great fun! We met friends we “know” from the list and some that we’d met before, we learned new stuff (Here we’re working on our shadow knitting dishcloths which Jardee W. was teaching us.) We also raided all the local yarn shops within reach, admired each others knitting, ate, drank, and had a heck of a merry time! I am already looking forward to next year! πŸ™‚

The Fox Island vest

The_Fox (134k image)

After frogging this three (3!) times (I have the yarn in the ‘frogging is a fact of life’ bag…:O did I jinx myself?!) I think I finally have an handle on it! It’s looking pretty good but there is certainly a long way to go! lol I’ll take this along for the weekend’s ampleknitter’s get together in Medford. I can work on it when we’re just sittin’ around gabbin’ and knittin’ in between visiting local yarn shops and taking workshops and what all Denise has planned for us.
I’d like to finish the vest to wear to my Xmas Red Hat potluck, but I might have to aim for Valentine’s day instead! lol
Started Raining just now. I guess it’s going to continue for a couple days. I got the last of the cut firewood in the shed today. Himself is taking Saturday and Sunday off to watch Grandmother while I’m gone so he can put in some time there. One of these days not too far off it isn’t going to be rain that’s falling. It’s usually white stuff somewhere around Thanksgiving… πŸ˜›