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The Multi-Loom

many_multis2 (93k image)

I just realized that I’ve never posted this new guy to the blog. It has been a big hit and Randy is being kept busy in the shop. They are cute, don’t you think? Anyway, this is the loom the previous blocks were woven on, in case you were curious.

If you don’t like the weather…

manzanita (114k image)

…wait a day or two. The sun is shining and it’s in the upper 70’s today but the forecast is for maybe more snow by Wednesday! πŸ˜₯ Oh well… I took a photo for cousin of the really new, tight buds on the lilac. She said she wants to be up here when they bloom. I was thinking about two weeks but… who knows! At this rate it could be a week or a month!
I got some yard work done today, cleaned up branches from the last wet snow and moved some planters into their summer spots. Brushed about a gallon of down out of Cori’s coat. She was leaving trails of it! πŸ˜€ Jack, being an outside dog again, is not losing his so fast.
Craft-wise, I have my knitting in a mess, I have three weaving projects going but not very fast, a painting half done and another one due on Wednesday that isn’t even started. I do have my 4 framed pieces ready for the next show so am ahead there. I guess that’s about it. Not keeping this blog up very well these days, but as you can see… I really don’t have much of interest to share.
Hope your weekend was exciting without being uncomfortable!

Earth Day Surprise!

quince2 (200k image)

It’s also Randy’s birthday and since their job is laying out a foundation on a clay hillside, he got his BD off this year, too. They are calling for more precip tonight, but I hope we don’t get much more white stuff or trees are going to start breaking. They’ve started leafing out and a lot of them are blooming… Bad timing on Mother Nature’s part. Yeah, like.. what’s new? πŸ™„ Oh well, we got a nice bit of rain first, which we do need.

Randy thanked me for the dinner and said I did the steak just right. (whew!) I rarely cook those because I’m never successful. Racheal Ray I’m not! But I did research and got advice and used the timer! So dinner was a hit. πŸ˜›

We also got some work done in the shop and I did a little on my art as well and did some weaving. A pretty full day, all in all, considering that I took a nap in there someplace, too! :laugh:

Yes… but is it fiber?!

ShoppingBag2 (108k image)

Our local supermarket has new plastic bags, a lighter weight, but strong. In a transparent light green color with a teence of darker green print. The produce bags are an even paler, nearly white, green with a little darker green print… very color coordinated! But I was dinking around with them and found that cut into strips about 1/2-3/8″ wide and looped together they make a nice ribbon looking ‘yarn’. I wove this square to see what it would look and act like. It looks very pretty, I think, with a nice conservative shine sort of like the artificial raffia I once bought.
I have a fair collection of these bags and I think I’m going to get out the 12″ square and make some summer placemats for the picnic table. You can find instructions for these on the web page.
They should be washable by hand tho I expect you won’t want to set anything too hot on them. Your color scheme will be determined by what your local store carries! But mine were pretty easy to weave, which is one thing I wondered about. Just cut the handles and the bottom seam off the bag, lay it out flat, and start folding it evenly. That way you can cut the loops easy, once you have it folded about 3″ wide. Then just loop them together and weave. I’m going to fringe mine so just keep any color change ends on opposite sides and the tails will blend right in. If you want to share pictures, I’d love to see what you get! πŸ™‚

Bloomin’ Flowers!

checkeredlily5 (182k image)

Indeed, there are many of them. The tree’s too… plum, peach, the sour cherry, and bulbs galore, but here’s my favorite, which I got as checkered lily, tho I see it called many other things. There’s only one of them left but it’s faithful. I guess I should buy it some companions. We have wild fritillary… Red Bells… but I’ve never managed to transplant any to the bed, or get the seeds to sprout there.
We go from 80 degrees one day to barely 60 the next. I guess that’s why it’s called spring… Mother Nature springs back and forth before she makes up her mind to summer! πŸ˜€
Hope it’s bloomin’ where you are, too!

A beautiful April Weekend!

Pear (287k image)

The temp hit 80 both Saturday and Sunday! It was lovely! You have to look hard to find any snow berns left at this elevation and the grass is greening and the flowers blooming! This is the old pear tree in the back of the shop. The sour cherry is also blooming, as are the wild ones. There is a slight chance of showers Monday evening but the rest of the week looks good and the warm tho temperate temperatures should stay around awhile.

The weekend was made more pleasant by a visit from both my sister Rosy and Randy’s cousin and his wife. We all made the most of the warm weather & copied the cats. We basked! lol :laugh: Hope you had sunny and warm, too!

Found my Ghost Rider!

GhostRide2r (238k image)

I’ve been looking for this painting for a couple of years. It won a second prize at the county fair in the ’90’s. It disappeared sometime there after and I’ve been looking for it for the last two years. I was sure I didn’t sell it but could not think what could have happened to it. Today I was digging some old frames out of a leaking storage trailer in the yard and there was my painting. It did not get ruined but is faded a little I think. But, I’m delighted to have found it, it’s one of my faves and part of a series I started of the logging industry around here. I have three of trucks and one of a landing where trucks are being loaded. The faller sold years ago. I don’t even have a photo of it. The guy who bought it, who said it looked like him (he was a faller), died a few years ago and I understand it was bought by somebody over on the coast. Well, one of these days I’ll get back on this series and finish it. I have Big Plans! lol Margaret and I are applying for a show next year so I need to get 20 pieces ready for that. A year may be time enough! There are members of the jury encouraging us so I’m guessing we’ll get it. Don’t suppose they’ll give us prime tourist season months, tho, for our first show.
Pretty wordy today! I was excited! Hope your day is peaceful! πŸ˜€


Daffodills1a (242k image)

Aren’t they pretty! Daughter Karen planted these when she was in high school and I look forward to them every year! There are other bulbs up and blooming around the yard as well but this is my favorite picture. It was nearly 70 degrees today! πŸ˜€ Got lots done today and even opened up the house, meantime, to let the fresh air in.
Hope you are getting a glimpse of spring, too!

Here’s my new scarf!

leviScarf1 (27k image)

This is how I spent my birthday! Crocheting this scarf out of the denim strips that didn’t work for the shawl, it’s the stretch denim that proved to be too fragile for weaving. Worked fine here, tho I did add a blue carry-yarn with it. I also did laundry and oiled some looms. A pretty mild birthday, but we had our night on the town Saturday so that was fine. Both my kids called and I had long chats with them and a brief chat with the two youngest grandsons. The elder was sick today so was not available.
I made this scarf to wear to the Art Cruise this weekend. It’ll go with the shawl! My necklace has been a bit hit with the art group. It would be nice if someone visiting the gallery this month found it irresistable, too! πŸ˜€

Anyway… I hope your April Fools were all fun ones! :hehe: