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A project

PI3-29 (238k image)
I just noticed how much snow there is on this blog! I seem to be obsessed! Well, it snowed again this morning but fortunately has now all melted again. That’s March for you. I’m looking forward to April. For several reasons, springtime is, of course, high on the list, but April 1 is also my birthday and this year we are making a trip to the city to visit cousins and Randy’s Dad and I get to celebrate with dinner in a Real Restaurant. We have a nice one here for Saturday night kind of “home cooked” dinners but… Wow! I might even get to finally find out what the heck California Cuisine is! lol And I’m going to enjoy my visit with the kin-folk, too.
But, meantime, I thought I ought to show you something besides snow! This is my version of the Anniversary Pi ( I started out with the Shetland Pi from GOL but decided to branch out once I reached the second increase. I did one repeat of the Rose Trellis pattern and now I’m tired of that one :blush: and am going to do a couple repeats of another smaller pattern then the edging of my choice, also not Meg Swanson’s. This yarn is 80% wool and 20% mohair and a tiny bit scratchy. I’ll wash it once see if it softens up. If so, it may be a gift for a future baby, if not… well, I dunno. Something will come up! πŸ™„
So that’s it for today, I’d better get on with the laundry. πŸ˜‰

A promise of spring!

Spring (225k image)

The snow is pulling back and even if we get more (quite likely) it won’t stay long and we’ll have flowers soon, too. Another promise of spring is this site: Be sure to go look. We’ve watched 2 hatch, there is another that may or may not. It’s not a fast action site but rather facinating, a little exciting, and very hopeful. It lifts my spirits to watch it happen yet again. Babies are always hopeful, even when they are ugly little mostly naked fuzz balls! lol

BAck to (almost) normal

ScottRosy1 (105k image)
I made my sister get out of her warm car and stand by the berm to show how deep the snow is on Scott Mt. pass today. It temp was 29 degrees without the wind-chill and the wind was ripping across there. It was COLD! The plows hadn’t been up yet, we 4-wheeled to the pass, tho it never got more than about 3″ deep on the road and she said she ran out of it very soon on the Siskiyou side. By the time I got home it was raining and most of the couple inches we got this morning was gone.

Anyway, we had a lovely service for Grandmother, Sunday. People shared their memories of her, all the family & special friends from the community were here. It’s going to be different without her but we will get on with our lives just as she’d expect.

Randy has gone back to work and the looms shop is back in business. We are sending a package to Israel this week. Not the furthest they’ve gone but the first for there.

It looks like we have more cold weather in store but spring will be along soon. meantime, enjoy your warm wooly weavings!

Is March coming in like a lamb?

9b (141k image)
It’s been cold and rain and wind and snow since the beginning but i have to say that the color scheme is more like the lamb than the lion. I even found this bush with a kind of sheepy texture! Well, it’s still winter but the alder has it’s dangling blooms so I know spring is coming! Since it’s too early to worry about planting, I guess I’ll go back to my yarn.
Stay warm!

Grandmother, 1904-2006

Grandmother4 (90k image)

Cleo Beatrice Seymour, 101, was born in Twining, Michigan, August 26, 1904 to Mable Ellen (Graves) and Joseph Oren Brintnell. She grew up in that area and later married Harry Seymour. They came to California during the depression and lived in Oakland where she was an interior decorator. They moved to Coffee Creek in 1953 and built Seymour


lace2 (112k image)
This is the “lace edging” on the porch. It’s 12 degrees this morning but oh so pretty! There is only barely any moisture in this snow, just enough to make these little icicles. I feel sorry for the birds who have started coming back and all the other critters who live out there, tho. Except Jack. He has so much blubber & fur that he doesn’t stay in the house more than a few minutes before he’s asking to go out again. Cori wanted out, too. she’s smaller but has almost as much padding! :laugh:
Hope you are having a pretty day!

Good news

sweeping_snow. (128k image)

πŸ™‚ Grandmother had surgery today to mend her hip. We do not know how it will go for her now, but at least she has a chance of recovery now.

And we had about 6″ of very dry powdery snow today. here’s Randy out sweeping the driveway with his push broom. Yes, it’s that light!
Cori loves it and was out racing around plowing with her nose and rolling. I thought it was okay but I didn’t enjoy it that much! The temp never quite hit 32 today, either! :O

Bad news

Grandmother fell last Thursday evening and broke her hip so we probably well be occupied for awhile and I may not be posting.