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Those Poor Primorses…

They’re buried again. It’s nearing a foot in the open areas. No plows so far and only one brave parent from up the road trying for the school. School won’t close unless the power fails as most kids are within walking distance. Which it just did but was only off minute. This new battery back-up worked just fine, saving this half done post. Thank you, Bernie!
But Mother Nature is fooling with us, sending us the East Coast’s weather. No, Mom! We don’t want it!
Even Redding at 500′ of elevation is getting to share this one. Hiway 5 north seems to be having their troubles, tho the further you go north the better it looks. this is via the web-cams. I’m staying home!

Added on the 18th. I think it’s over for this time but here’s the primrose, one ore time…

Next Morning…

Next morning all the snow is gone again and it’s raining hard. Forecast is for more snow. Sure is spring! Cori’s abandoned tennis ball is laying out there with the drowning Primroses. She loves snow but opts to stay in if it’s rain. Can’t blame her.

But I am using the time to get some weaving done. My aim is a top for myself using whatever random texture patterns I can find or invent. I have a nice stack of them so far but many more to go. HD told me I have shop work to do today, too.

And I am working on cleaning the crystals on my chandelier before my tea party next week. I had not realized how dusty it had gotten. And I took down the xmas decoration that has been there for several years! lol The party is just to break the doldrums with a few friends. We’re neighbors but rarely see each other this time of year & everyone seemed happy to have an excuse to break their dullness. Including the hosetess!

For Tom & Nora

Nora ended her note telling us of her husband’s death with this…
“He will be cemetery across the road from our street so he can see me coming and going and when I blow him a kiss as I go by.”
I have never met Nora and Tom in person, but they have been friends for years and my heart breaks for them. I am sending my love to Nora here and in the mail in hopes that it will help support her in the days to come, when she is going to miss Tom most strongly.