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Fun in July

Today we “meet and Greet” with new neighbors. Then there is music at the Trailhead Pizza here in town. It’s a busy day! Part of one of the bands is staying in the cabin. Watered the flower bed this morning, It’s showing new blooms now. Then got some breads baked before it gets, I hope, too hot! Now, I’m doing a little knitting. In fact, a little Little knitting! For a tiny doll I have not gotten yet. But I needed a break from my weaving project for just a day. I may be getting a further break from all yarning projects in a few days as Himself says the beans are getting very close to harvest time! We’ll be eating a lot fresh but we got a little, shall we say – Generous? with seed this spring and so there’s a Lot of beans out there! The canner is going to get worked as well!

I don’t have any new or even any old weaving to add to todays post but a neighbor said she’s help me figure out how to use this blog to best advantage so may be I can get things so it’s easier to find. I hope she was being sincere! I need some help! Meantime, I hope you are all far from any fires and keeping at least moderately cool.

It’s Still July…

So I’m not too far behind! I think I managed to add a new page to Weavings. I failed to get the last two posts into that category and haven’t yet found a way to move them. I don’t know if I can repost them as a page and then delete, my blogging skills are stuff not up to par. I can find tutorials that will tell me how to start a new blog but so far have not found one that will tell me how to use the one I have! lol Problem is I don’t speak the language. So they may be telling me but I am not understanding.

They tell me how to be a more mesmerizing writer, or so they claim, an unlikely goal I’m afraid, but avoid telling me what all that long ‘menu’ of things I can do means! Mostly it means when I try something everything goes away! I have several blogs worth of postings floating around out in the ether somewhere!

But at least today is a cooler day. That means it has not quite hit 100 before noon. It’s only 99 with 20 minutes to go. But we are surviving, unlike a lot of less fortunate people is this warm west. Meantime, I understand the east is being deluged with more rain than they can handle. Whatever happened to the Happy medium?! The way I see it Mother Nature is trying to rid herself of the plague of “locusts” that has infested her. We have drought, flooding, hurricane type storms, pandemic diseases. Add to that a younger generation already outnumbered by us older folk, who do not seem to want to have children. Well, you can’t really blame Nature, we’ve made a mess of everything we get hold of. We pave over forests and meadows, we fill the oceans with plastic and garbage, we treat everything nature has given us with greed and distain, and waste what’s left. The old saw says, ” Your made your bed, now lie in it”. We may even get to die in it. I hope not, I hope we as the people of the world will figure ourselves out before it’s too late. I will do what I can and hope right down to my end.

And will to be more cheerful next time. But I did add a new page with some weaving content, that at least is cheerful!