Hazel Rose 20th Anniversary WAL

I’ve moved the end date to Saturday, Nov. 13 to help make up for the confusion I created earlier this week. Hope it isn’t just more confusion!

But this will give a few more of you a chance to finish your Red Bird and get entered into the drawing for the Grand prize!

Thanks all who joined, whether you are able to finish or not! We’re are delighted to have so many weavers helping us celebrate our 20th anniversary party!

photos above © HazelRose

Hazel Rose 20th Anniversary WAL

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This month we are celebrating our 20th year of making looms for weavers. Randy and I want you to help us to Celebrate those 20 years of making beautiful tools for weaving beautiful projects! The Quilt Weaver Looms were our first loom and the Tiny Weaver, the little sister of the Quilt Weaver Looms, the first loom requested by a weaver back when we started. She asked for a set half the size of the Quilt Weaver and so was born the Tiny Weaver set. 3 1/2” Square and Triangle.

Those of us in the northern hemisphere are heading into fall and winter so I thought this Red Bird would be a timely project. Some of you are lucky enough to have these beautiful birds as neighbors but for those of us the the forests of Northern California we’ll get to enjoy them in this project!

The project can be done by all weavers from beginners to the advanced. Instructions will be for the 3.5” Tiny Weaver Looms but could also be done on any small square and triangle loom you own, by adjusting your yarn size. The size of the finished project is determined by your loom size. The project will be 5 squares by 5 squares. Using the Tiny Weaver the project makes a 16” square. Just something to keep in mind when choosing your loom.

This Weave ALong will start Monday October 11 & end one month later. But meantime to get you ready to join in our party I’ll list what you’ll need to join in. I hope you all will!

There’ll be prizes, too. Finishers will qualify to win our new Fine Set Quilt Weaver Square loom. There’ll be weekly prizes, as well.

Hazel Rose 20th Anniversary WAL

  1. WAL starts on Oct 11 and ends Nov 11.
  2. To enter the Grand Prize drawing for the Fine Set Square Loom and Yarn you will need to post one finished project on Ravelry or Facebook before the end of the WAL.
  3. One prize TBA will be offered each week of the WAL. To enter the weekly drawings you will need to post a comment about the WAL on my blog.
  4. The last rule is to always have fun with your looms and be kind & helpful to each other!

Supplies needed:

  1. One 3 ½“ square loom and one 3 ½” Triangle loom.
  2. Worsted yarns:
  3. 121 yds white
  4. 56 yds red
  5. 7 yds green
  6. 4 yds yellow
  7. 4 yds black
  8. I used Loops & threads Impeccable. Other yarns that weave well on the Quilt Weaver looms are KnitPicks Andean Worsted, & Paintbox Aran, I Love This Yarn. I encourage you to dig into your stash for this WAL and don’t forget your Handspun yarns !

Other supplies:
Weaving hook, packing fork, yarn needle, and scissors. You may want a crochet hook to make the berries or use beads.
Pattern will be posted next week.