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Finished Lone Star Quilt

LoneStar4 (36k image)
Here’s the finished Lone Star baby quilt woven using the 7″ Quilt Weaver Diamond loom. I also used the 14″ triangle and square looms to finish this blanket. The white row inside the green border is a row of double crochet and the white edging is a row of reverse single crochet, which forms a “beaded” edge.
It is quite a large blanket, about 56″ square. This could be done with the Tiny set and the star could be built up of more rows of diamonds. It could be quite colorful this way. The size could also be adjusted using the different sized looms.

8a (16k image)

Great grandson’s are so appreciative of good cooking! But he still had room for ice cream & birthday cake!

Happy 100th Birthday!

6 (53k image)

Grandmother’s 100th birthday is today. Randy’s cousin and his family joined us in celebrating with her. Friday the rest of the family comes up and we’ll celebrate some more. Her church gave her a party after services last Sunday, too, and she got her birthday card from the Prez and Mrs. Bush. She wasn’t as impressed as she would have been 20 years ago.
But… what a woman it is! And she still does the dishes every night. Except on her birthday, of course! :laugh:

Furry diamond

furry_diamondb (61k image)
This doesn’t look like a diamond, but that’s because it was laying over my knee so you’re getting a distorted view. I wanted to show the texture of it. You can see at the bottom where the strands untwisted that it’s cabled of two different yarns. Of course, I don’t have the band with me but it’s a Caron (I think?) yarn. It has a wonderful texture and look but is a real (lady dog) to weave as you cannot see what you’re doing in all that texture! I may have many skips here which may or may not show up later.
I bought three skeins so I may try it on the 12″ for a hat… it should be ever so warm! But I don’t think I’m going to use it for the afghan project.

A nice Tuesday

Up_a_creek (80k image)
We worked all morning and late this afternoon Randy asked if I wanted to go with him to get water. We get water from a spring so we don’t have to drink this poisoned chlorinated stuff the state forced on us. It was so pretty. The creek is perfectly clear, the sky perfectly blue, the temperate was also perfect this time. I took this picture looking back toward Billy’s Peak. The only wildlife we saw was a family of Quail. That hen must have had a dozen or more half grown chicks. Randy stopped as they were all over the road, but they all got safely across at last and we went on our way. I hope you all have as pretty a view as we do here in Coffee Creek, CA.

A project for today

diamond_tam5a (30k image)
Robin wouldn’t model the new tam but he didn’t object to sharing my chair with it. I tried taking my own photo (Randy’s gone for the evening) but… oh well! :hehe: I used the Tiny diamond and some Red Heart. I did crochet the band. I think it’s kind of cute.

It’s done

LoneStar94a (33k image)

It’s pretty and I like the yarn but I’m not entirely satisfied with it. The star buckles a bit in the center. I haven’t decided if it’s the bulky yarn or something else. One of our customers is making a double star quilt using some fine llama and hers appears to be laying nicely flat, so it may be a yarn problem here. I can see this is going to require some more “research”! 😀