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Dye Day

DyeDay1 (23k image)
Here I am dying away. One of us found a web site showing knitted swatches being dyed and then frogged and reknit. Light bulbs flashing all over! lol This is two lengths that I wanted to make into a pair of socks, but as Rosy pointed out, at the width I made my color changes, I’d have to knit knee socks to get all the colors in and that wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but I have other ideas for using this really cool yarn! Rosy used her facny dyes and I used my kool-aid. It was great fun.
She also helped me sort my new cormo fleece and get it ready to wash. We even got one batch washed. It is sooooo nice! I stopped at the dollar store on the way home and bought laundry bags to wash it in. No felted fleece for me this time, by gosh!

Dye Day

DyeDay2 (36k image)
Here’s a close up of my dying project. I got a little whimsical but I think it’s going to be fun to reknit! I’m already buzzing with ideas! I have a bit of what I think is either angora or alpaca that is shaded purple to red that I am knitting into a scarf to be the envy of my fellow Red-hatters. Rosy says she’s going to be keeping my knitting machine busy! lol ๐Ÿ˜›

My Big Socks

big_sock4 (15k image)
Here’s my sock after going though the washer twice and the dryer once. It’s still just a tad big, but that give it room to be washed again! I’m starting the second one now. The next pair will have some cuff, 10 or so rows of garter stitch probably. These are really more like slippers and will probably be worn that way, but I sure like how they came out. ๐Ÿ™‚


felt_sock1 (35k image)

Well, I had to put the woven project on hold. I needed 8 squares and ran out of yarn at 7 1/2 so I’m going to have to find a different use for these squares and wait for my new fleece to arrive, which should be any minuute now! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Meantime, I spun a a long single out of the rest of the colors we dyed and am knitting the golf socks from Socks x 3 only using a size #4 instead of the #2 needles it calls for. That’s so I can try felting them. I did this more or less accidently a couple of times. One pair got too small but the other, which started out too big is now just right, also nice and thick and cozy, so I thought I’d try doing it on purpose. I think you can get an idea of the size in the photo. I’ll do one and see if it works before I worry about the mate. :O


Woven_Rovin (76k image)

Well, it isn’t a finished project yet but it’s on it’s way. I carded up two more batts today and pulled the roving so we are truckin’ along! What do you think? Did they come out pretty close? Can I do two more in the same ‘ball park’? ๐Ÿ˜› I also carded up some of the caramel for the accent color.