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At last!

purple2 (99k image)

I finally found a model for the sun-suit as I promised! It’s Randy’s young cousin. This young lady, besides having a lovely figure that sets off my weaving very nicely, has a Masters degree in something to do with plant genetics and is working in her field.
The suit was a little snug but I think she displays it very well. I am happy to know that it will work on a person, not just my plastic lady! lol
The temp reached 99 this afternoon but is supposed to start cooling after this. We did not see any of the 106 and 108 degrees that the weather people were raving about. Thank the Maker! :laugh:
Stay cool!


deer2a (229k image)

Randy didn’t get around to completing the fence around the garden and a deer found the hole last night. These are my blue lake beans which had just started blooming. Most of them still have leaves at the top but I doubt I’ll get much of a crop. But my green peppers have not got a leaf left, she ate the whole plant down to the peppers, which are golf ball size at most. My little cabbages are gone, the radish tops, she tried the peas, and nibbled one cucumber vine. And to top it off, she made dessert of the petunia on the butterfly waterer in the photo below.
I’m bummed, but other than the satisfaction, there’s no point in taking a 2 x 4 to him for not finishing the fence. :angry:
That’s cousin in the photo. He discovered the devastation.
I hope your day started on a brighter note. πŸ˜‰

Summer time

BathingSuit1aa (308k image)

It has gotten hot here at last. Tyler wanted a new bathing suit but the only water safe for her is the butterfly waterer. It makes a doll sized wading pool… sort of! :laugh: I work in the shop.. it stays cool usually, or hide out here in the house with the fan in the afternoons. Morning and evenings are nice. We’ve been eating outdoors under the willow. The garden is thriving in all this heat and sunshine, lots of tomatoes and peppers coming on and the beans and peas are blooming, too. Randy just read that we may have T-storms with rain this weekend. Rain not common in July, but with lightening it would be a good thing.
Still busy making looms and I am still working on the WeaveZine project for the 6″ Multi. It’s coming along. I haven’t been chatty here lately, but there just doesn’t seem to be much new to say! We go along without excitement. Not complaining, mind you. Excitment usually means trouble. Don’t need any of that!
Hope you’re having an excitement-free July! πŸ˜›

Is this a bee?

Beee (196k image)

It looks like a bumble bee and is about that size but I never saw a bumble bee acting the predator so I’m guessing it’s not really a bee. It was on the raspberry bushes this morning clutching this unfortunate snap beetle in a suspicious way.
Everybody has to eat, so I don’t object to predators, being one myself, I’m just curious.
But meantime, the black caps are getting ripe rapidly and the garden is starting to show signs of producing a crop. I have a summer squash, some little peppers, green tomatoes. I pulled three radishes this morning and the cucumbers and melons are blooming. I think the beans are about to also. My bush peas are getting long and floppy and show no signs of bushing… I think that packet lied to me! πŸ˜›
I think I’ll haul some dirt over there tomorrow and bank up my leeks. I’m told I need to do that as they grow.
And I am still working on the WeaveZine Lace shawl in the evenings…

4th yardsale

yardsale3 (246k image)

:O Didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted. Things have been frantic around here lately! We held a community yard sale at the Country Store on the 4th and did a pretty brisk business, made a few bucks and got rid of a LOT of ‘stuff’. Not all of it, unfortunately, but a lot. That’s Randy and a neighbor leaning on one load for the sale. πŸ˜›
Since then we have spent most of our time in the looms shop… orders have been pouring in. That’s good! Glad weavers are happy with our looms, but it means my nose has been to the grindstone, so to speak and not much else gets done.
Randy has gone to do a house inspection for a local realtor this morning and here I sit, goofing off, I’m sure he’d say, but I’m about to head for the shop again. If you are waiting for your looms… They’re coming, I promise! πŸ˜€