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End of May…already!

I’m not getting much weaving done now days as it is panic time for Himself in the shop. Black Sheep Gathering coming up soon! But I am also spending some time in the garden. The peas and beans are growing very fast. I didn’t get many carrots from my first two plantings but I am going to try again. Maybe it was the cool weather.

And you may be tired of looking at this view, but I never do. The Snow White and Rose Red arch over my deck. The Blaze has never had so many flowers! The unknown white is one of those that just keep getting taller (or longer?) and blooms profusely every year. I want to get another one started this year if I can. I gave one to Sis and it now blooms 20′ up in a tree in her yard. It doesn’t photograph well, tho. Or maybe it’s me and my disabled camera. But it fills the yards with the most wonderful delicate scent!

Hope you are having a safe and thankful Memorial day.


An illustration from the childhood book that inspired this planting.


Finally finsihed!

The Tri top is done. I wove four 12″ squares and sewed them in pairs. Folded in the sleeve openings a couple times and fitted the sleeves in until they looked right. Pinned them in place and tried it on, adjusting until I had the look I needed.


Then I top stitched the sleeves in place.


After that I turned it inside out and cut the excess fabric and zigzaged the seam.


Here it is.


I tried to take my picture in it but the do-it-yourself-setting on my camera has quit doing it. All I get is a fuzzy one so will have to wait until Himself and do the photography with his big mulit-talented camera. But here’s the fuzzy view, for what it’s worth.

DSC01959I think it turned out, in the end, okay if a less than flattering design for me. The color is nice and the texture of this soft cotton is very nice.

And, by the way, the beans are coming  up! Hope things are springing up where you are!


Is it a blouse or is it a cat blanket?!

That’s still up for grabs. I am working on the sleeves. I think the problem is that the shoulders are too wide. This is going to turn out to be one of those cut and sew projects after all. But meantime the weather has warmed up and we got the bean tower in and the beans planted. It’s 80 degrees on the deck. Yum!

beans 5-2014

Cotton top

Got my extra yarn from Webs so am starting on the sleeves again. I’m kind of playing this by ear, so am not quite sure how it’s going to work. Or frankly, IF it’s going to work. I’m going to weave the four 12″ squares and  see what it looks like and go from there. I’m thinking I might like set-in sleeves better than just square ones, which will mean some machine sewing- steeking- but I’m not sure how that will look with this design.

square sleeves

Meantime, I’ve been getting some gardening done, tho it’s still a bit early. In spite of warmer than normal temps, it’s still a bit chilly nights so I am rather pushing it. And now he’s getting going again in the shop, preparing stock for Black Sheep Gathering at the end of June, which means I’ll be out there more, too. Still, I have weaving time in the evenings  while the games are on! The Giants are doing great so far.

Hope things are warming up where you are!