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pattern for Ducks Quilt.

If you are interested in making this Ducks Quilt here is the layout I used. I sewed my blocks together with the over hand stitch.  I added the row of yellow blocks using the blue to crochet these onto the top and bottom to make the square quilt a bit more rectangular. After sewing the 9 yellow blocks together, I did a row of single crochet on the bottom edge of that strip and another row of single crochet on the top edge of the assembled blanket. Then I worked a slip stitched to connect the two rows. Repeat at the bottom of the blanket. Then I worked a border of two rounds of single crochet in blue and yellow. You all know you can email me at any time if you have any questions about this project or about the looms. I’d love to see your projects, too!

I forgot to add that the yarn I used was some very nice Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, called Multi Cotton. It suggested hand washing but I put it in the machine for a short gentle wash. I also put it in the drier until just barely damp and dried it the rest of the way laid out flat. It did fine.

Lay out for duck quilt


I finally have the baby blanket finished. Nearly have the mixer cover finished but ran short of yarn with only a few to go. I’ll get to town this week and hopefully Jan with still have another skein in her shop.

ducks finihsed

We’re  getting ready for our trip to the Big Sky Festival. This is our first time for this show but our second trip to Hamilton Montana. Then we have to hurry home and do laundry then off to Eugene, Oregon for the Black Sheep Gathering. Haven’t been to that one for years and am looking forward to it.

I am hoping to have a few new projects to show as examples.

Things have been busy around here. Randy is making looms, trying finish our new porch, getting the composts piles ready for the new bed and trying to keep his construction customers happy, too. So far, so good! Except for the porch… Now that he has the roofing off the house, Mother Nature decided it was time for a couple days of rain. Well, it’s Memorial Day weekend… bound to happen, huh?! I’ve been in the shop, too, trying to keep up with him, plus projects, printing, getting the garden going, and all the domestic fun that has to continuously be done as we all know. But it’s been a pleasant month, too. And my little peach tree has a whopping big crop this year! Had to thin some off and may have to thin it again. This is the most it’s ever had!

Okay, enough chat. I made a determination to keep this blog more up to date than I have been doing. I’ve probably lost my three followers already, huh? lol Hope you are all having a wonderful and warm, windless! spring.


Another new dress

This one has the detail in the top of the skirt, which in this white color does not show very well. It had a strapless top (but you could add straps. i didn’t like that so gave it a bodice and the pattern called for crocheted edgings. I knitted the bond off at the neck line but the sleeves and skirt ‘hem’ are crocheted.


New dress

I found a “new” doll named Hitty. I have ordered her book called, “The First Hundred Years” so you know she’s not really new, only new to me. But I find that she is about the same size as Mini Molly and  so this Virginia Larkin pattern (5G) fits her just fine. I used fingering yarn and #00 needles for this one. I added the flowers and the picot bind off. I am knitting another pattern for her but using lace yarn #1 yarn for it. Time will tell. I am planning some woven outfits for this little lady as well.