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WAL week three already.

Turns out week three is half gone and I am already late post it. Well, you all either have most of you weaving done and re starting assembly or you are already putting it off and are probably not going to finish. You know who you are! How many woven UFOs have you got?! I’ll bet 99% of us have at least one. But now you’ve got an investment in yarn and time, you may as well finish and have something nice to show for it, right? So if you are behind, get it out and make another go!



Yeah, I have a few, too. But I manage to finish two projects for this one knowing you were all watching me! I’m watching your guys, too!

Well, this weeks prize will be a couple of my books. I haven’t decided which yet but I’ll pick a couple that I think most people might be interested in weaving. But again, post your comment here to be in the drawing!


Sharing a nice letter from a weaver!

Jody gave me permission some time ago to share her little story with Weavers here. I know exactly how she feels about weaving on the loom and I know a lot of you feel the same way but it is really nice to hear you say so from time to time. I hope this WAL has inspired some of you to dust off your looms and enjoy this relaxing and creative craft once again.
“Hazel please forgive me, but I must tell you a  story about your looms.     I don’t know when I purchased a 12” loom from you, maybe 2 or 3 years ago.   I really can’t remember, but I had such a great time in the evenings making these wash cloths.   I loved them and I loved weaving them.  You would not believe the number of wash cloths I had made.   I gave them to my daughters, to friends as Christmas gifts in a basket of goodies.   One of my friends absolutely loves them for her facial wash cloth.  Well anyway, I ran out of steam as it turned out as I was making them day and night.  I put the loom back for a while.  
Jumping forward to this past year.   My husband and I had decided to move up closer to our youngest daughter–she is 42 years old.  I have been working on our house, downsizing, packing away things to make the house a bit more appealing to prospective buyers.   Well a year ago this past August I fell–ouch—I am 73 and have strong bones praise the Lord for that, but they tell me I had very deep extensive bruising and it would take a while for me to get back on my feet- maybe about a year.  I was tickled when I finally could get up and start accomplishing some cooking and cleaning and packing again.   Me being me has to have a project of some kind going.   I decided the perfect thing would be to make some more wash cloths, besides all mine were looking pretty sad.  Well, I searched high and low and could not find my 12″ loom.  😦   So I thought okay I know it is here somewhere and since I can’t find it I will order another loom.   I saw you had the 14″ so I ordered that thinking WOW that will give me a larger size to create larger cloths.  So I ordered it.  When it arrived I immediately started making cloths again.  After making a half dozen or so I decided that these were a bit too large for what I wanted.   Finally I gave in—I told my husband, the best way for me to find my 12″ is to order another 12″.  haha.   So I did.  I was as excited as a kid on Christmas day when my 12″ arrived all safe and sound.   I immediately sat down and started making wash cloths.   I don’t know why, but all my worries go away and pleasant thoughts dance through my head as I weave.   I have several rigid heddle looms, but they are a bit awkward with me sorting and packing, but this little loom is just the right size, easy to move from room to room and so relaxing.   No, Hazel I have not yet found my other 12″ loom, but  that is okay as it will show up one day.  In the meantime,  I have this 12″ to keep me relaxed and happy.  Thank you for sharing this craft and thank you for being so prompt in sending this wonderful product.
Take care and may God bless you and yours,
This dishcloth is mine, just an illustration of the kind of weaving Jodi was describing.

But it’s not all mud!

It’s raining again this morning, but gently. The colors really stand out in this dim light.

Just noticed this Mountain Ash sappling!

On the way back from the mail box

The last butterfly blossom, No buzzing today!

End of gardening season. A few hardier flowers and his pole beans still producing a few.

This is my favorite, another Oregon Big Leaf Maple but worth a repeat, I think!

Forecast is for more flash floods but it’s a perfect autumn rain so far. Good day tp finish up the last lug of apples. These will be for pies! Or just east, they are a wonderful juicy blend of tart and sweet! Just what the doctor ordered!


A bit of rain after the fire.

Actually a whole lot of rain! At one point it apparently put down 1″ in just 15 minutes. It was incredible & a little scary! Coffee Creek Road has a couple places where hw hill side blew out and has blocked the road but it was not a big flood by and large, just in places. But Mother nature doesn’t do Happy Medium.

Coffee Creek road. End of trip for now! And the Creek not so scenic now.

Water! Looks like you could walk on it!

Even our little Treasure Creek. Coffee Creek took out the dam so cut off the water for Treasure Creek, which is a good thing! But What a mess! Storm’s not over. They tell us that Sunday the rain will be heavier!



Raining fish and frogs!

Well, not really. Used to do that once in awhile when I lived in Florida years ago, but never seen it here. But we are all delighted to see it raining hard enough that the Fire Service people are considering the fires to be OUT!  

I finished my Antimacassar yesterday but was not able to load it here and it kept timing out. So I’ll try again! I added a 14″ triangle to the top to hang over the back of the chair to keep it in place and still let the whole picture show. I’m not really very happy with the additional stuff on the top left but not unhappy enough to rip it out and do over. Worked a SC in white around the edge just to finish it off neatly. Now I just have to find a shiny black button to give him an eye. Sister insists that he needs one in spite of the fact that it’s probably not going to show.

So I hope you are all making some headway, maybe even starting to assemble? Hope to hear some progress reports!

Remember, this weeks prize is a 4″ Multi triangle loom! The dusty one in the photo is mine, you’ll get a new un-dusty one!

Row two is the most complicated bit and that is really not that hard once you look at how it’s put together. It’s just overlapping triangles!


I promised a video but that’s not going to happen. I even downloaded a supposedly easy for beginners editing program. I think I got my video edited but now I can’t figure out what they want me to do to export it back to my computer file. However, it looks like it doesn’t matter. I tried loading it onto my blog as is and it i just won’t do it. It didn’t actually say so but I’m pretty sure it’s timing out as videos are Large files. I’ll try calling tds again tomorrow to see what’s up with the promised fiber optics.

Hazel Rose Looms 20th Anniversary!!!

OKAY! It’s Monday and time to start Weaving! We’ve gathered up our square and Triangle looms and found the perfect yarn and  we’re ready to weave!  The Pattern is posted below, You’ll also be able to find it on my project page at Ravelry and on the facebook Pin loom group.

Be sure to enter for the weakly prize by posting a comment about the WAL here on my blog.  name will be [picked at random at the end of the week. This weeks prize is a set of Packing forks the regular and the small sizes, one will be one of Randy’s arty ones! Very handy tools to have in your kit!

Red Bird Pattern.


It’s a Party! There’ll be weaving and pictures and projects and prizes and chatter and fun!!

First an anniversary story.

A little History…

I’ve been reading about companies moving their manufactories back to the US and it got me to thinking. Randy & I have been making small looms for nearly 20 years now and all those years have been right here in the US. Right here in Trinity County, California, in fact. We started out in Grandmother’s garage. We now have our own shop but it’s less than 100 yards from that old garage so we haven’t moved far. In the beginning I told Randy that I would not publish our web page until he had at least a dozen looms made that first time and last year we made over 1700 but it’s still just him and me.

Some people may think they see too much of me ‘on-line’ but it’s what I love. I belong to many groups, to a bunch of Ravelry  groups, as well as facebook, even twitter, tho my internet and ‘dumb’ phone won’t let post there.  Most of these are about yarn in some way. I knit, crochet, weave, felt, spin… you name it. It’s what I like to do, just as you do or you would not be reading this here. And I like making the looms. I think we do a good job with them and I think the fact that we’re still doing it after 20 years proves that a lot of other people think we do a good job, too. I use the same looms we send to our customers. Well, almost. I usually end up using the ones he doesn’t think he got quite right.  You know, what some other company would call ‘seconds”. It has an extra hole drilled in the wrong spot or the grain of the wood caused it to develop little hair line cracks when I put the nails in, that sort of thing. But they are still good looms and sturdy!

Yeah, if you ever manage to wear out your loom or find a flaw in it, send me an email. We’ll make arrangements to repair or replace, depending on what’s wrong. For instance, if you drop your loom in the driveway and then back over it, we may not be willing to replace it free but we’ll try to fix it if you think it might be done. I’m still using the very first looms he made for me and they are going strong. And I don’t really treat my loom tenderly; they kick around all over and get tossed in the car to go to shows or just on trips with us. They aren’t hung neatly on the wall like my sister’s but are piled in a box in the closet. Sturdy!

And if you need something special made, Randy’s your man. Several of the looms we make started with a weaver saying, “Can you make a….”. Randy says, “I can make anything.” And so far he’s made good on that bit of boasting, I have to admit. He made a tiny purpleheart trapezoid for a weaver and recently made a long thin loom that will be used to weave purse straps. Our Diamond looms started with a customer request. And the Multi’s were a result of another company dropping their version of the old Weave-it looms. Weavers kept asking so we finally gave in. Now we make 6 sizes of Multi squares, three rectangles, and two triangles in that style.

We ship the looms, not all over the world, but I can count at least 10 countries I have shipped to. If you are in England, Canada, or Scotland there are shops carrying them. There are weaving teachers giving workshops using them, too. We are quite proud of our little looms and are just tickled pink by the number of people who also like them. If I sound like I am bragging, well, I guess I am. We’re not in the same category as Schacht or Ashford or LeClerc or any of those Big Guys but I think we have a quality product in our nitch.  We want to make weaving tools as beautiful as the projects weavers make on them.

And we are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of California and get to work from our home. How could it be better? I try to post on the blog regularly and there are pictures of our part of the world. Take a look and then go look at our looms and see if I exaggerate.

I learned about this kind weaving from my sister who built herself a 6′ triangle for weaving shawls. I was visiting her and she showed me how to do it and I went home and ordered Carol Leigh’s 7′ adjustable loom. I wove a few shawls, Okay, done that. And the loom set up in my small house took up just too much room so one day I got inspired and got some finish nails and some scrap plywood from Randy’s construction stuff and made myself and 7″ tri. I was able to weave these small triangles while sitting in my chair in the evenings.

The first rough loom. It worked, even if it wasn’t pretty!

The square came next, thus the first Quilt Weaver set. It was very rough and ugly but worked fine. Sometime later, things were looking down for us, his big job for the summer was canceled when the people found they could not afford to build after all, and the K-8 school where I was aide and art teacher was losing students and had to cut back my hours, so we were feeling sorry for ourselves. I jokingly said, “Well, we can always make looms.” He asked to see what I was talking about and – it just grew from there. We haven’t looked back. When we first started he made one loom at a time. Today he cut out and assembled 30 looms. My Dad used to say that when you make something for money, it’s not fun anymore. Well, I don’t know if loom building is exactly fun, but it is very satisfying. And it’s also satisfying to know that we are helping other people learn the art and enjoyment of weaving.

I think that sometimes we should remember that the people we buy from on-line, especially in this yarn line, are not corporations for the most part, but people, almost neighbors, no matter how close or far they live from us. There’s a weaver sitting at a floor loom in the back bedroom weaving dishtowels to sell, with the timer beside her so she doesn’t forget the roast that’s in the oven for dinner. A spinner on the porch spinning yarns for sale while she watches her kids playing in the yard.  A couple of knitters working on lace scarves to put up on etsy, I know a weaver who is weaving I-pad cases on our looms to sell at the spring craft sale in her area. It’s the same with the gal who spins or the family raising sheep or alpaca. This is all true. It’s that huge village and we all contribute to it whether we sell or buy or just share what we make via donations to charity or pictures posted to group, blogs or even facebook.

But now I’d better get back to work, neighbors are waiting for their looms!