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Time to change our ways…

CatNap2 (130k image)
I think you can guess who spent the night out carousing. It’s getting to be the time of year when they need to start coming in at night. The only way I’ve found to convince a naturally nocturnal animal to come in at night is too withhold the groceries during the day and not allow access to this cozy green chair! So he’s going to be sent outdoors in a few minutes and they can come in after dinner and the doors will close after them. It won’t be long until they’ll be spending the winter in the studio, safe from hungry predators. I know that everyone needs to eat, but… not my cats, thank you! I hate cooping them up for 5 months of the year, but it’s the only safe way and at least they get the other 7 to feel (mostly) free, which is more than a lot of cats ever know.
But enough of philosophy! I’m going to town today so better get started. Hope you enjoy your day! πŸ™‚


kitchenrug2 (55k image)

Here’s my new hand woven kitchen rug all hemmed! I’m quite pleased with it and am ready to start the next project! That’s going to be some upholstery fabric to recover a Mission rocker of belonging to my bro-in-law. Then another rug I think. And maybe some xmas presents. Not too soon to be thinking of that is it? πŸ™„ Well… thinking never hurts much, anyway!

Pie time again

peaches (118k image)

The jays and the deer have been feasting, they’re falling on the ground, I picked this 5 gallon bucket and there’s probably at least another 10 gallons on the tree. :confused: I told Noel to find somebody who wanted them… and fast! They are ripening very fast.
I bake pies for him every year in exchange for my share, but there are just too many to use at once and I’m not canning anymore for just the two of us.
But they sure are good right off the tree! πŸ™‚

What I’ve been doing…

fridge (142k image)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It’s not that I haven’t been doing, it’s just that it hasn’t been the sort of thing you want to post about. See photo! lol Went up to Sis’s and we did go to spinning, but I’m still spinning last years easter egg dyed cormo. That’s old news. We spun and knitted and shopped and managed to get her 12 inch square loom under the edge of a rocker and bent a bunch of nails so I brought that back for Randy to fix. :blush:
One of the gals in her guild also gave me a bunch of rug making stuff, warp and cut rags, I haven’t looked at it all yet, but it looks like there’ll be a lot of work for me in those two bags! lol
Other than that, I did the grocery shopping for the month (That’s sans the bread and milk kind of stuff, of course) which explains the fridge stuffed to the gills in the photo! πŸ˜€
And, believe it or not… I have to go to town today! To take the recycling in and to buy boards at the lumber yard to finish the window sills in the ‘new’ bedroom. I know he isn’t going to get time to do it so I’m going to do it myself, can’t stand it any longer! πŸ˜›
And the neighbor says the peaches are ripe! πŸ˜₯ He gets pies in exchange for the peaches I get. And they won’t wait! Blackberries are also ripe. Good thing I don’t have a garden anymore!
Hope your late summer isn’t too frantic!

I did it!

1stloomsampler (79k image)

Finally figured out how to warp and tie-up the ‘new’ floor loom and actually wove some sample things on it! From top to bottom they are: Yarn (LB Jiffy, I think), cut up wool blanket, LB sock yarn, and a cut-up old flannel pillow case. This is a rug loom so that’s why all the ‘rag’. I have balls of the cut up wool blanket to use for a real sized rug, but I want to play a bit to figure out how the thing works before i started on my “good ” rags. I’m going to start measuring warp tomorrow.
Today I went to a meeting with some local gals who’ve formed a little craft ‘club’. Two were beading, one quilting, I took my knitting, not knowing what to expect on my first visit, and the other gal had one of my square looms. That was neat. πŸ™‚
So I guess I’ll just goof off for the rest of the evening. Hope you get some time off, too! πŸ˜‰

Garden Party

RedHatsm (19k image)

I’ve gotten complaints that I haven’t been keeping my blog up. Well, it’s true, but I’ve been living such a mad social whirl lately that I just haven’t had time. The picture is an example of my fashion skills. 😎 (I heard that!) But anyway, we had a Red Hat Garden Party at the Alpen Cellars winery so I invented this one for the event. I thought the bow was a nice touch and very cleverly hides my other two chins! πŸ˜› I drank lemonade. Not because I’m such a tea-total-er, but I just never developed a taste for wines, tho the Groves have won ribbons and medals for it so it must be good. All I know is the the view from the winery is fantastic! We do live in some beautiful country here in Trinity.
Well, I’m off again tomorrow, heading up to Oregon. Taking Randy’s truck this time with a load of stuff that I gave away on Free-cycle. Wish me luck driving an old ford pick-up!

Our Yard ornament!

doe1 (191k image)

Doesn’t she look real?! I don’t think she can be, tho, because she was eating dandelions instead of my rose bushes! :laugh: No REAL deer would do a thing like that! She comes around every day and spends quite a bit of time in the yard, unless the dogs spot her. She had already left today when they got wind of her. I made her nervous taking her photo, but she’ll be back tomorrow. Yesterday she popped out of the yard between Cori and the tennis ball and Cori never even noticed her. When she’s focused on that ball she sees nothing else. They don’t chase her far. When she runs, they ‘ll run, too, to the edge of the yard. That about poops, Jack, he sometimes doesn’t even bother, and for Cori, it’s just a game, like chasing the cats. That only happens when they want to tease her and run by her nose.

It wasn’t as smoky today, they’re getting ahead of the fires, or at least the closest ones. They aren’t near us but the smoke comes over the alps in the afternoons. More T-storms are predicted for the weekend, tho. X your fingers.