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A trip with Grampa

MtMeadow4b (299k image)

Randy and the boys drove up to Mt. Meadow today, just to look. He said the road is open but a muddy mess. Didn’t take any ‘snow’ pics because it was all brown! But our southern crackers counted it as snow, anyway! They all enjoyed the ride and Gramma stayed home and enjoyed the quiet! :laugh:

It’s still spring, I guess.

Jay3 (161k image)
Can you spot Mrs. Stellar Jay? Randy tore the nest efforts out of here once> It’s in a high traffic area between the loom shop and his ‘junk/wood’ shed and he thought it not a good place to rear young, but it’s been pretty wet lately and while he was feeling smug about having discouraged them, and not paying attention they rebuilt the nest and she’s setting now, so it’s too late. I don’t think the cats can get to them there and they are under the roof so safe from the weather, too. We can only wish them well.:)
The Temperature is already up to 68 this morning so it looks like we might hit 70 today! Yeah!!

Family crafts…

projects (159k image)

Daughter and two grandsons are here for the summer and the youngest had a surprise for Gramma. The poncho I made him in 1998 is too small and he wanted me to repair the little tear and make it bigger. πŸ˜› I was able to kitchener the tear and am now knitting away like a good gramma to make a poncho for a two year old fit a nine year old! lol But I see that this Caron “Simply Soft” yarn lives up to my name of “stainless steel” yarn! ( It is still very soft and the colors are unfaded but daughter says it’s been his favorite garment/blanket for the last 7 years so it does wear like steel!
And meantime, he is weaving the 7″ square… as long as the dog doesn’t bring a ball, or Grampa a refrigerator box, or brother get out the rockets…. lol
Well, there may be no more Peace & Quiet this summer, but there’ll be a lot more Life! πŸ˜€
Hope your summer is lively, too!

The view from the bridge…

CoffeeCreek5-22 (132k image)

Coffee Creek is at it’s highest after two weeks of rain on top of a massive snow-melt. The lake is two feet above full and they are pumping water down the Trinity to the Klamath and the pacific and also though the Clear Creek tunnel to Whiskeytown lake, the Sacramento river and the Pacific via San Francisco Bay. Unfortunately there is a lot of water and these escape routes are full from other drainage’s, too.
Our local worry, tho, is that the dike across from us and just up-steam is starting to erode. The county was out looking at it today, but frankly, I don’t know what they can do. The snow-melt is only maybe half done and it just keeps raining. 😦
We’re going to Medford tomorrow to pick up daughter and the two grandkids for their visit. Shane has been calling every day to let us know who many days left! lol Still… it was a conversation stopper when I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow”! :laugh:

Summer’s acumin…

baby-tomatoes (177k image)

Or something like that! :laugh: Anyway, the baby tomatoes are just about right for my grandson gardener to plant out next week. Daughter and the two boys arrive on Tuesday, we go to Medford to pick them up. Their original tickets had them arriving at 6:30 pm which was great but they have been rescheduled three times since and are now arriving at 9:45 pm. My bro-in-law has threatened dire consequences if we wake him coming in at 10:30 at night. πŸ˜₯ Naturally we’ll stay that the In-law Motel! πŸ˜€ Well, I’m going to make Sis go with us to guide us to the airport in the dark, anyway, so I’ll just blame her.;) I know the dogs are going to set up a racket when we arrive… they always do. πŸ˜›
In any case, I’m excited to have them out here. I’ve got all sorts of hard labor planned for my daughter’s ‘vacation’! Starting with cleaning out my storage room and holding a yard sale. She is going… at last!… to sort though the stuff she left here when she graduated from hi-school… how many years ago was that? Never mind, I don’t want to know! :blush:

My Anniversary PI

anniversary_done3 (297k image)

It’s done and it only took a bit over 4 months! Not too shabby. I was sure the border alone would take that long! :laugh: I am pleased with the way it looks tho the yarn is just a tad scratchy. If I ever get around to making another PI I’ll use some handspun to make it soft. But now I’m back to weaving for awhile. I want to finish the hats and bags… That means pattern writing… groan… πŸ˜›
And it’s probably okay top plant the tomatoes… the lilacs are blooming and it looks like we’ll have a bumper crop of apples this year, judging from the flowers and busy bees.
Hope your spring is going well!

The border

anniversary_done_border2 (136k image)

It was in the Barbara Walker book, one or the other of them, called Tulip Buds, but I thought it looked more leaf-like. Anyway, I like how it turned out. πŸ™‚

A beautiful Spring!

TCairport2 (205k image)

Randy’s building a two story log house on the airport in Trinity Center and today he took some pictures from up there of the view the people will have. The redbud is blooming and the lake it only 5 foot below the glory hole, as full as it’s been in a long time. The rivers are still running high and the snow pack is still ample. But you have to admit, we have a pretty lake this year. A pretty year this spring. I hope you are all feeling well and happy. πŸ™‚