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Now what the heck is she up to?!

recyclesh1 (314k image)

Heheheh :hehe: I’m having the best time with Art this year! Got my stuff in Highlands Gallery for the fiber show. My major piece doesn’t photograph worth a darn. At least not with my ‘skills’, but it’s Titled “Application of Theory” is is handspun wool & alpaca & gold wire woven on the 12 and 3.5″ squares. They are mounted on a black gessoed canvas and I was delighted with it. This stuff in the photo is for the April show at the Downtown Gallery for ‘recycled art’. Or art from recycled? I don’t remember the wording but I’ll have a couple for them, too. It just occurred to me that I should have Randy make up a large square of the Philippine Mahogany from the Craftsmen era houseboat that he remodeled in San Francisco Bay. I have some yarn I spun from carding waste and yarn snippets to weave the square with. That’d be the dandy!
It’s for the same show but you’ll have to wait and see what the above is all about. πŸ˜‰


Fiber2show (78k image)

I wove this little piece for the fiber arts show at one of our local galleries. It’s not very complicated but I like the way it looks. The loom is one Randy made from our black walnut tree that was downed in the flood of 1997. The yarn is some handspun wool but I’ve forgotten the breed. I wanted to do a couple in wire, but I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get then off the loom and the loom was not intended to be a part of that idea.
Other than this the only pieces I have for this show are a felted purse, a little bead purse with an inkle strap, and a blanket/bedspread, none of which I have pictures of yet.
My best ‘art’ ideas are for the recycled show in March. I love recycled art! I’m not going to tell you, tho, in case there’s a local reading this to steal my brilliant ideas! I don’t get enough of these to share. :laugh:
And… I’ve already got one for next years fiber show… unless I get it done and have the opportunity to show it before then, of course.

Red sky in morning….

RedSky (106k image)

They’ve been predicting some storms again and it looks like Mother Nature is of the same opinion. Not nearly as impressive in this little photo as it is looking out through my window, even looking though the trees. We’ve had almost two weeks of sunny blue skies so guess we can’t complain. The snow had done some shrinking and melting and, except for the mud, that’s good. Randy’s been busy helping it do that and we can turn in the driveway now so I don’t have to back in every time, and can even drive to the shop.
He’s been busy in the shop, too. filling orders and building up a stock for the summer since we’ve decided to go to Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR this summer, after all. And we’re working on a new loom. One that you can weave like that little plastic or wood loom we all know about and you can only find on ebay these days. I think we’ve got it, too.:)
But now I’ve come down with somebodies ‘bug’. Sore throat and headache… today is the first Red Hat get together in quite a while, but I think I’ll be missing it. 😦
Hope you’re all feeling well & staying warm!

A beautiful day

road1 (181k image)

The air was so clean this morning, the sky so blue that it seemed like you could see around the world!The snow blower had been up cleaning up the edges of the road and I felt like I was on my own little freeway, like between those noise walls they put in the the city! πŸ˜€ Just driving down a white tunnel by myself. There was three utility trucks in a convoy, the power co. out to repair what they fixed temporarily during the storm, I speculate. A DOT loader scraping snow out of an intersection, a USFS pickup, a fish & game rig and three assorted ‘civilian’ vehicles. That was all the traffic in 40 miles of ‘my’ freeway! They were all going the other way, too.
My art class was fun & interesting, The sunshine is warn and spring-like, It’s just been a totally lovely day. I hope your day is also! πŸ™‚

Yes, I’m still here.

loomshop2 (175k image)

Okay, Nora, here I am posting as I promised! :laugh:

Nothing very exciting happening this week. Sunshine, tho! That means we can get caught up a bit on all the stuff that went undone while it snowed. Not that the snow has gone away by any means. We did get to town Friday. Himself needed a haircut and his truck an oil change. I just went to get out of snow country for a few hours. The flowering quince was blooming in Redding… The first sign of spring! πŸ˜€

We worked in the loom shop today. Here’s a few of the looms we turned out. My wrist is sore from hammering nails. Now I get to box them up so he can take them to the post office tomorrow. So if one of these is yours… it’ll be on it’s way soon. If you don’t see it here, there are more in the making!

Anyway, it had been awhile since I posted so just wanted to say we are doing fine here and I hope none of your family was in the way of those awful storms back east.
Best wishes!

View out the front

FrontDoor (165k image)

This was the view out my kitchen door Sunday morning. The snow has finally formed a tunnel to the washroom over the walk along the house. Mother nature must have gotten tired of hearing us complain about the lack of snow-pack last winter. Goes to show: Be careful what you wish for! :laugh:
Power off for around 30 hours, no surprise.

To the shop

shop (112k image)

It hard going for a short legged dog or even a longer legged old lady! This the the path to the shop. More shoveling to do.

Mother Nature doing Extreme Snow.

2-1-08a (141k image)

Well, it seems so to me. We have had more but not for a long time! This is just the berm outside the kitchen, but it is usually not much higher than my knees. There’s a bit over 3 foot out in the open but we’re fore-casted to get more tomorrow. We got a foot yesterday. If it hadn’t rained on it last week there’d likely be 4′ out there now.
You can see, however, why I had such a time yesterday digging a path for Jack to get outside to pee. Poor old guy can hardly get up and down so I know he’s never get out in this. Even Cori was floundering & she’s a lot lighter. But tossing the shovelfulls up over that was a trick and they usually just rolled down behind me! Himself did this lovely job when he got home. Today, I have to bundle up and go dig my car out or I may not see it again before spring! 😦 lol