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Happy Birthday to our little namesake, Hazel Rose! She is two years old this month and it looks like the little woven doggy we sent was a hit.

I should have more rug pictures to post later today. I’ve been experimenting with I-Cord and I think that turned out well. It’s a little time consuming but is a way to use up lighter yarns. It will go faster, of course with a knitting machine. I’ll get some pictures today.

I think it’s summer!

Things are warming up and blooming! We have 76 here this morning and it’s not done yet. But I worked up quite a.. er.. glow on my walk this morning. lol I’m loving it, too. Sis got rain yesterday but there’s none of that in our forecast! But everything plant has loved our wet spring and things are blooming all out now. My iris bed, for instance! And I’m just cutting those that are out of our usual view but they look great on my deck and last much longer than I thought they might. They sit in the sun all day, too.
But we’re using the salad greens and radishes 😉 and have our first little green tomato. The corn is sprouting, too, tho I don’t think it’s going to be eye high by the 4th of July.
Meantime, I am still working on inventing bulky yarn out of thinner for the rug loom. The little I-cord machine from Bond seemed like a good idea but it only wants fingering yarn and I want to use worsted. I have ideas, tho!
If you do too, I hope you’ll share.
Here’s my bouquet.


I grew radishes! For some reason I have never been successful with radishes! Those along with green beans are what they give Children to grow so I do not know what I do wrong! But I got radishes this year! Two of them anyway! the rest of the garden is growing slowly. waiting for Mother nature to decide it’s summer and give them some warm! She’s given them way too much water, but we’re supposed to be getting sunny warm days this week.