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New window sills!

windowsills1 (131k image)

It’s been a year now and I’ve given up on him ever getting to it so I just got out the old tape measure and went for it. (With the urging and initial help from Sis) And now all I have to do is paint. Got the paint, or rather stain, for the outside of the cabin, too, and will tackle that next week.
I get to show my paintings in this month’s Art Cruise, too. That’s pretty exciting! I’ll take them in tomorrow, as I have an appt with the Chiropractor. I’ll be at the Goldrush Jewlers. It’s my second time. Last month I was with my classmates at Highlands Art Center, Lots of people turn out for the cruise.

But I think I’m taking the rest of today off! I’m pooped! :laugh:


Groomed4a (135k image)

Me’n the dogs went to town today to visit the beauty parlor. Here we are at home again neatly washed, clipped and pretty again. I think Jack is the winner, tho. Too bad he won’t stay so pretty and white for more than the time it takes him to get back down to his favorite hole in the dirt at the foot of the oak tree. But at least he should not be leaving a trail of white hair behind him as he walks! πŸ˜€ Cori should be lighter also and I lost a few inches of winter growth (off my head) as well!
It was a very successful day in town, actually. I had time, while I was waiting for them, to go to the chiropractor for help with Gardener’s Back (he says he sees a lot of that this time of year!) I got signed up for the fall semester of watercolor painting, had the hair cut and manicure, got the lumber for the window sills in the studio, and at the hardware, got paint for same and 5 gallons of sealer/stain to paint the cabin. And the accessories that go with that job. Also got the deer fencing so’s I can plant my tiny garden this weekend. Had lunch and bought a few groceries. Then got gas and headed home. Managed not to get stuck behind any of the many, many boats heading this way for the weekend on the lake! All in all a pretty good days work!
Hope your weekend is starting off nicely as well! πŸ™‚

Weaving thrums

Thrums1 (128k image)

I could not stand to throw away this ‘loom waste’ and finally got inspired and got out my 14″ triangle. It turned out just the right size for a cut-length tri and wove into a nice little napkin. It’s a bit small for a scarf, but there are many more thrums left so I could put several together. This is some nice soft linen left over from the upholstery material I wove for BIL’s chair. The loom has a 1/4″ sett but weaving this way gives me about 8 epi. I could also double it up a bit more to make it a little tighter if I wanted. The yarn is about 14 wpi to give you an idea, if you are thinking of your own left-overs.

Off the loom

Thrums4 (160k image)

I haven’t washed it yet so I’m not sure what is going to happen to it then. It’s a little open, but still a nice triangular napkin.

From Barb’s new book

BarbsAlthea2 (98k image)

Just got Barb Herdman’s new tri weaving book and she has done a really great job. The book it worth the price, whether you are new or have been at it for some time. It will certainly rekindle your enthusiasm for tri-weaving. πŸ™‚
The photo above is a weave called Althea and was made to help with thinner yarns, but I just grabbed the first two I came to in order to try it and they were nearly worsted weight but I think this makes a great little check. I can hardly wait to try it with that linen ‘thread’ I bought! And that’s just one of the techniques she illustrates in the book.
And thank you, Barb, for listing us as a resource.
You’ll find the book here. It doesnt take long to get your hard copy, so if you don’t have really fast internet, I recommend that route. πŸ˜›

Ready for crafts

studio (195k image)

Dunno if anyone’s coming tomorrow but if they are, I’m ready. Well, I will be once I run the vacuum. I got all the wintering plants back out to their summer habitats and just have the winter’s detritus to clean up. You can see two of my antique chairs. Wish I had a bigger room then I could have my love seat in there, too. And I have a great eclectic collection of wooden dining chairs that would look great in a dining room, but alas… no room in the studio and my dining room has space for three chairs and a possible 4th if we scoot the table into the center of the room.
I hear the pileated woodpecker knocking. I went over and checked my neighbor’s house, he’s replacing the siding where the flicker chewed it up in his early spring courting frenzy! Noel was not happy, nor was his bank account to replace all that nice cedar siding! Anyway, he was safe this time. This big guy is out in the woods somewhere, doing as he ought. πŸ™‚

Fruits of my labors!

morels (146k image)

Since I mowed these guys down with the lawnmower this afternoon I figured I may as well add them to tonight’s spaghetti sauce. The rain and sudden warm spell has made it a good year for morels. And nobody got around to raking the leaves last fall and I think they like that, too, even if the grass doesn’t! πŸ˜€ Oh well, can’t please everyone, huh? It’s 83 degree this afternoon and I have to say I like it.
Going to spend a few days in Rogue River with my sister and catch up on the grocery shopping while I’m at it. Taking the new truck, which I only today got to drive. Compared to his 17 year old ‘work’ truck, this one drives like a dream! It’s a diesel, the first one of those I’ve driven, but I think I have the hang of it. Winter might be challenging… :O
But that’s a long way off. The baby Jays in the rose bush outside my window should be fledgling any time now. I’ll have to keep an eye on the cats.
Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine. πŸ™‚

A new memeber in the family

Calamity_Jane (96k image)

Sister Rosy showed up with Calamity Jane, a retired breeder Pomeranian (Thank goodness for spell checker!). She’s two years old, if I remember correctly, and Rosy took her to the ‘beauty parlor’ and got her a butch. Well, she’s cute even with short hair so I guess it doesnt matter but all her red is gone, she’s just a blond. (No offence to any who may also be just blond πŸ˜‰ )
She is a cutie, tho, and quite a nice lady but my cats did NOT like her. Cori & she pretty much ignored each other.
But Rosy and I had a very pleasant visit.

Wrapping things up.

Final (124k image)

Sorta. I finished the weaving projects for the lady’s book but I still have to write up the project. And I finished my final for the painting class but now I see that big black hole in the tree is right smack dab in the center of things. A no-no in composition. It wasn’t suppose to be right there but there’s nothing I can do about it now. I could paint another picture. I may. It’s not due until the 23rd so there’s time. I’ll think about it. Meantime this one is entitled “Taking a break Under an Old Ponderosa on the Pacific Crest Trail One Hot August Afternoon When The Resident Didn’t Appear to be Home”.
It’s been drizzling rain most of the day and got cold enough I had to build a fire. Himself is finishing up a rush job so will probably be late and hungry and tired so it’s a perfect day for that pot of veggie soup I made yesterday. I can heat it up whenever he arrives.
But the world is sure green out there. Hope yours is, too. πŸ™‚