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RobinBlind-sided (126k image)

I finally learned how to take close-ups with my new camera and was sneaking up behind my napping cat thinking to take a close-up of his ear… just to see if I could, you know!… when he turned around just as the flash went off.
:crazy: They really can jump straight up! lol Poor guy was probably blinded for ten minutes. He seems okay now and has forgiven me.


doe2 (184k image)

This shot was taken though my sunshade window shades. I got the doe and the hummingbird at once. It’s a busy yard. The critters and the insects like my ‘meadow’. I do, too. I have my tomatoes in a plastic wire cage and she hasn’t attempted them yet, since, I suppose there is so many other things that she likes. Several of my flowering shrubs are a bit nibbled as well as the couple roses that are not against the house. The hummers like the flowers and the feeder, the assorted butterflies, bees, and other insects enjoy the herbs and flowers in the grasses. There’s a lot of thyme and oregano spreading though the grass with the ox-eye daisy, English daisies, ajuga, healwell, lungwort, dandelion, plantain, wild chamomile… the list goes on and there is also grasses and clovers. I mow about twice a year to keep it fresh. It’s lovely! Ask Mrs. Doe. πŸ™‚

PS: (added a couple days later) She brought twin fawns with her today! The first time she’s brought the babies. They’re sooooo cute!

Out on the Town again…

DSC00064 (151k image)

We Red Hats went to town today and had lunch at the Chinese Restaurant and then when to see John Travolta playing a Momma in Hairspray. He did it rather well. It was an enjoyable movie and an enjoyable day for all us old gals.
The college cancelled my morning painting class for lack of students. I thought it rather cosy with just the 7 of us and teacher but they wanted more. So I have to go in on Monday and sign up for the afternoon class if I want to stay in, which I do. We’re working in landscapes this year and I’m already enjoying myself, that being right up my alley.
And, besides, I made an appointment with the lady at Curves to give that gym a try, as I was going to be in town anyway.
I’ve done the math on my cardigan sleeves (as instructed by the Expert Knitters on-line) and am knitting a bit each evening. Hope to have it done in time to wear it this winter.
Hope it’s not too warm/wet/dry/hot where you are!

My Harvest

MyHarvest (146k image)

The tomatoes pulled though the hot spell and are producing nicely. We had sliced tomatoes on our bbq-ed hamburgers and the cherry and plum tomatoes dipped in a bit of Ranch for a salad. I sneaked the egg plant into a batch of roasted veggies. He found it a grumped, but ate it! I thought he’d appreciate the change from zucchini! :laugh:

I bought the paint for the living room walls today. And an electric can opener that says it’s fun. You know, I can’t help thinking that when opening a can of beans for dinner is fun… somebody probably needs to ‘get a life’! :hehe: I bought it because old age is creeping up on me. I have a touch of arthritis in my right thumb. Doesn’t hurt often but I’m (literally) losing my grip and working one of those hand cranked openers is sometimes really difficult.

No fiber arts to report… It still needs to cool down a bit… :doze:

Do you know what this flower is?

Unknown_Flower (49k image)

Sis says this plant is a volunteer in her garden this year & we don’t know what it is. A very large bush, probably 6+ feet tall and nearly that across. It’s loaded with this bright red/orange flowers, the undersides of which are a golden color. As a cut flower it is doing excellently. We used one as a model to paint.
If anyone recognizes this plant would you please email me with the name of it? Email: dorleska at
Thanks πŸ™‚

A PS: Georgayne in Texas wrote to say, “The flower you pictured appears to be a tithonia or commonly known as the Mexican sunflower.” So the mystery is solved. Thank you, Georgayne!

Art is Serious business!

wc2a (31k image)

Sis is concentrating on her water color landscape while I sneak a picture. She says she doesn’t think wet-on-wet WC is going to be her ‘thing’. She just needs practice, I think she did pretty good. We did a couple of still-life’s after this landscape that turned out quite nice, if I do say so.
I’m home again now so our week of painting together is over for this time, but it was very much fun and very relaxing! We filled a lot of canvases and a lot of paper. I hope we get to do it again before too long.
Oh yes… our other sis, in Florida, wanted to paint with us, so we video-taped an hour of “Happy Little oil painting” with us for her. She has a real treat coming! :laugh:


OilPainting2 (184k image)

Sis wanted oil painting lessons. I haven’t touched a canvas in nearly two years but the paints hadn’t all dried up & I hadn’t forgotten everything I ever knew about it! We turned out a few practice pieces. πŸ˜› Tomorrow we get serious! I didn’t realize how much I missed painting. Oh yes, I painted the house this spring, but that’s not the same! :laugh:
Meantime, Randy’s home tending building (for other people) job, loom building, shop building, and critter feeding. Sis is cooking dinner & I’m keeping this chair warm!
Hope you’re having a great week, too!