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Happy Thanksgiving!

my-bracelet (113k image)

Hope you are all having a day to be thankful for. And remembering the good things that have come to you and forgetting, for today anyway, the rest.:)

I forgot to mention that I bought this bracelet while I was in Ashland. I thought it went well with my liver spots. Do you think it’s too “matchy matchy”? πŸ˜›


miniflower4 (90k image)

This is the poinsettia I made into a little xmas pin. It’s like Jana’s Loom Bloom. I did a square in green for the leaf and made a bud to go along, then sewed them to a pin back. you could spray a little clear glitter if you wanted to give it some frosting.

A Customers project

Ineke_alsinga (152k image)

Ineke Elsinga, who owns a shop in the Netherlands designed this bag using the tiny Weaver Square and has had her project published in the Dutch magazine Handwerken zonder Grenzen. I’m tickled pink, as you might guess! We are just about ready to ship her third order for looms as well.
I have to depend on Babble Fish, but if any of you speak Dutch, or even if you don’t, you might enjoy taking a look at her web site:
Just goes to show that fiber crafts are a universal language. πŸ˜€


frosty (256k image)

The Weather Wizards predicted “Seasonal Temperatures”. It hit 27 last night so I guess our long Indian Summer is over. Not all, but most of the leaves are down now and the sky this morning was deep blue with streaks of clouds and these three contrails. It reminded me of Grandmother, who used to enjoy counting them. She called them comets. πŸ˜€ I always thought those on the horizon looked like the rockets we used to watch taking off from Canaveral. They look like they are going straight up, an illusion, I know, but fun.
Hope your wood shed is full and your stove warm!:)

Winter cats

cats (238k image)

Yes, I know everybody’s cats look alike, but I thought they were just too cute. Robin doesn’t usually share my chair. I have been letting them go outside these sunny warm-ish days but they usually only spend an hour or so and in they come. Can’t say I blame them. It’s not real cold out but neither is it as cozy as it is in here by the fire. Not that I get to spend much time here these days. Seems like we’re both in the looms shop more often than we are in the house. All things considered that’s good, but… ! :hehe:
Sis and her husband are coming down for Thanksgiving. Just a day trip to share turkey and blessings, but we’ll enjoy the visit. My brother & wife were here last weekend. He’s become quite the international guitar maker, one is going to Sweden this week. I think that’s pretty neat! Way to go Baby Bro! πŸ™‚ There’s a link over there on the right. He has pictures and little music files, if you’d like to see.

The New Me

before&after. (70k image)

Okay, I went to the Stylist To The Stars & got styled. Since movie stars always have their photo’s touched up, I figgered this gave me the right to take a few wrinkles off my photo, too. So here I am plus a new hair cut and less a few years! :laugh: It was an interesting experience. I didn’t make many points on Denise’s “bingo’ list, tho. He did drop a couple star names but most of his conversation had to do with all he lost in the fire and how the insurance co was trying not to pay. I expect that part is true, they never like to pay. He’s a talkative and personable guy with a large I-go! πŸ˜‰ I’m glad to get rid of the mop, and reserving opinion on the Do until it gets all the “Design Fixative” (for real! lol he gave me a bottle of it to use) gets shampooed out and I can see what the cut really looks like. I did warn him I was not strong on styling up-keep. πŸ˜›

But we had a good time at the Amkpleknitters retreat in Ashland. I’ll post a few pics to the list photo page for those who may be interested.

First snow

DSC01396 (395k image)

It’s a little earlier than usual and didn’t stay around long πŸ™‚ but it was cold. Still didn’t freeze my tomoato bushes tho! I’m beginning to believe in Global Warming. I’m off to Ashland in a couple hours to play in yarn shops with a bunch of avid knitters. Just a fun weekend off and then my monthly shopping in Medford. Be home again on Monday to go back to work in the loom shop. Hope you have fun weekend, too! πŸ˜‰

It’s been awhile since we saw this…

FirstSnow2a (251k image)

…But we have white tops this morning. I expect we’ll finally get our killing frost tonight. But the forecast is for it to clear a bit and …maybe… get a little warmer before the next one. I’m happy to see it up there as long as they get the pass cleared by Thursday morning when I have to head north! πŸ˜€
Welcome to Winter!

Okay, so I can’t resist.

DSC01365a (363k image)

:laugh: …but it’s sooo pretty! I spotted this one on the way home from the post office today. It’s pouring rain but that only sets off the colors better. I was mostly attracted by the dark wine color behind the lighter colors. I tried to get a close up, the next photo shows some of it. There were many more good pictures but I was able to take this one from the car, for the rest I’d have had to get wet! Goodness! :laugh:
Hope you are staying dry!

This is the colorway…

DSC01365c (305k image)

… that attracted my attention. That deep wine color of the plum behind the lighter red-apricot-yellow-green of the dogwood set off by the gold & bright yellows of the cottonwood and maple. Want to weave that one?