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Christmas Again…

Here it is nearly Christmas again and I am once more way behind on posting to this blog. If fact, the web page for making this post has been changed so radically since I was here last that I’m not sure even what’s happening! Another lesson in why it’s a good idea to stay current. Oh well, nothing this year is as it has been. I’m sure you will all agree with that!

Just wanted to say I hope you are all doing fine and let you know that Randy and I are also surviving, if not thriving. We are luckier than some, living out here in the boonies. We may have really lousey internet, when we have it at all, but at least we have a little space and are not locked in an apartment. We grew a pretty good garden this summer and canned veggies which we are still enjoying. I got my new knee in spite of being canceled and rescheduled on short notice. It seems to be working fine now. Randy has been working both in the shop and at his carpentering. I have gotten a couple projects published in the Little Looms magazines and have submitted a couple more & have more in the works for the future. So am keeping busy. I hope you are all keeping your looms polished, too! Check projects on the web page for some ideas if you need inspiration.

We had a bit of snow earlier this month which is mostly gone now and the weather people are suggesting we might get more Christmas day, tho they are being very cautious with this forecast! Just as well. I’ll believe it when I see it falling! But white or not, I hope you all have a lovely and comfortable holiday. Stay home, stay safe, and spend your social time via the telephone!