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Our holiday Trip

AshlandSprinsHotelCoon4 (57k image)

Randy and I have been making a trip between Christmas and New Years, up to Ashland, OR. Staying at the Ashland Springs Hotel, a historical hotel in downtown. It’s a lovely place with an excellent restaurant and we can walk thought the shops along the street and even visit Websters yarn shop! Lovely! I didn’t spend quite as much on yarn and we do on hotel, food, and petrol, but I still came home with a nice addition to stash! But this is a Business Expense, you know. I am planning to make woven items/patterns to promote the looms. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it! πŸ˜‰
Had a nice visit with Sis & BIL, who, by the way, were kind enough to dog-sit for us for the weekend as well. We took in a play and bought an RV… An older used 5th wheel to take on our spring trip back east to visit the kids and celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I’m excited about this as we hardly ever go anywhere & this will be the longest trip we’ve taken together.
But to explain the photo above… This tailless raccoon and the tiger kitty were exploring at the back door to the hotel. They seemed to be acquainted, at least they were not bothered by the proximity of the other. And not much bothered by mine. Of course my camera was set to take snow pics so most of what I did get washed out. Well… I’m a fiberist, not a pohotog, after all! :laugh:
Wishing you all a prosperous new year, and a safe one. I hope you’ll spend a least a little of your new Year’s Day counting your blessings. In spite of the bleak outlook the media gives us, I think we can all find some sunshine in our lives!
Happy New Year!

Guess what it’s doing again today!

randy (282k image)

Yes, I thought you could! :laugh: Here’s the view from my bedroom window of Randy shoveling his way to the loom shop. There sits the newly fixed loader with a slight problem. The battery is dead and when it was parked last time it wasn’t parked straight so that he can’t get the battery compartment open! :angry: I’m guessing if things got too bad he’d find a way, but so far the snow seems light and dry and pretty easy to shovel or sweep. We had just a tad of rain last evening but it froze and it’s snowing dry again this morning. Been alternating between heavy falls and almost stopping. I’m enjoying watching it from here by the fireside as I sit spending some quality time with my looms! πŸ˜€

Hope you are staying warm and dry, too! Happy weaving!


snowman (53k image)

Sis sent me a photo of her snowman. Ain’t he cute? I did go out and knock the snow off my poor rose bushes and as much as I could reach of the weeping willow but my feet were cold enough by then that I wasn’t up to sculpture, too!

But here he is wishing you a Very Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚


smile (117k image)

I don’t know either of these gentlemen but was using the sport section of an old newspaper on the work bench in the loom shop and this picture kept drawing my eye. I could not decide if I was seeing the agony or ecstasy. I gave in to curiosity and read the caption. I discovered that the guy in front had just made the winning basket and the guy behind is not about to throttle him, but is giving him a congratulatory hug. Those are indeed Happy Faces we’re seeing. πŸ˜€
I hope you’re wearing your version of a happy face today! We are getting an absolutely lovely, soft and fluffy, snow shower today. I can’t even call it a storm as it does not seem a bit stormy. But we don’t have to dream of a white christmas any more… we got ours!
Merry merry!

December Morning

12-16-08 (401k image)

I know some of you will think our 24 degree morning is balmy compared to your own, but it’s brisk enough for me! This row of sparklers is hanging outside my kitchen window this morning. The world is still, the sky mostly blue and all solidly frozen. I hope the wild critters have all found snug dens or gone south. The snowfall of the last two days is still on the trees, but when the sun comes up it will probably start falling. Bombing some might call it. You want to stay under cover until that stage is past!
Stay home if you can. Be very careful out there if you can’t.
And stay warm, either way! πŸ™‚

A White Christmas

shopsm (373k image)

We have a beautiful white world this morning. And a good kind of snow, light and dry. good for living with, not too good for the future of or water supply, but the wet stuff cam come later, this is pretty and the sun is shining as well. Which means it probably won’t last long, at least in the trees. I got snow down my collar as I was taking the pictures. This is the loom shop this morning. Pretty, huh?
To those of you in the region of the ice storms, I hope you are thawing and getting back to normal.
I am getting ready to head to the post office with the last of the looms that we hope will arrive for Christmas. We’ll do our best for any orders that come in after today, but can’t promise. Randy’s out shoveling the drive now and Cori is chasing snowballs!
Merry, Merry!

Winter Night

MOON (293k image)

We have snow predicted for the weekend but so far it’s just clear and cold. The moon was barely short of being full, tho plenty bright, shining though this big Ponderosa Pine. We’ve been spoiled by this dry autumn so that now we are scrambling to get things under cover before the white stuff. Like-I still have a garden hose stretched across the yard. And Randy just took a job tearing up a deck for salvage. Some really good redwood, too, but it’s going to be a cold and messy job if we have to shovel the snow off of it first. :O Oh well… We’ll survive and we do need the snow. The lake is halfway to Lewiston now. We want it back up here! πŸ˜€
Stay warm!

I’m published!

socks (155k image)

The new WeaveZine ( just came out so I can post this photo now. I made these Christmas stocking with the 3.5″ Tiny Weaver Square loom. The red one was woven on the 2″ Multi loom, so it is actually about half the size of the other two, despite appearances in the photos. But this is a first for me. I’m actually getting paid for this, not a lot, but it makes me a Pro, doesn’t it?! :laugh: Anyway, you’ll have to cut and paste the link but I hope you’ll go take a look & maybe even make one or two for the kids or grand-kids or just to hang on the fireplace full of candy canes for guests. πŸ™‚