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The vest was looking good! Unfortunately it turned out that I hadn’t checked the pattern, just assumed that because it was in with mine that it fit me. I don’t often have things turn out too big but this time is was waaay too big. I am trying to downsize it but it’s not going well so far. Sis suggested I finished it as is and sell it to someone of more ample proportions than me, but I wanted it myself! boohoo! Well, we’ll see. I may yet be able to make it work.

big frontbig back

On a role!

I was hunting something in Le Shed and found a box of demo shapes woven at fiber fairs and am putting them to work. Got out a sewing pattern for a vest and  started putting shapes together. Not exactly free form but at least random. It will be another colorful bit of clothing. Got both fronts mostly together and will start on the back this afternoon.  Goes pretty fast since the weaving has already been done, just a matter of laying it out. I think this time I’ll just crochet in whatever little missing bits I might need.

But first I have some shop work to take care of as someone is waiting for their looms. Go get out your UFO’s and start putting something together!



My Boy…

I could not remember for sure how old Robin is but today I found a picture of him as a kitten. It was dated 11-2000. He looks to be about half grown so it looks like my … did I say boy? My old man is 15 years old.


Robin Kitten 11- 2000




He still plays and he still prowls the yard but he spends a lot of time sleeping in the sun on the deck or snugged on the bed.




The Neon shirt is finished. I sewed the patched together and then pinned and sewed them to the shirt.  Like a big applique. Then I cut out the neckline and hemmed it. Is this a kind of vest look? Maybe if it was longer, but in any case I wanted the neckline just a tince higher than the patches would be. It’s been washed and held up well.


Next project.

Got this Tee at a fair last year, forgot which. Did not work with the yarn I had in mind so am now using this neon Simply Soft acrylic to weave on the Tiny Weaver square. It’ll be another yoke for a top.  Has to be machine washable for me. I think it’s going to work. I wove the blocks and am now working a single crochet around each one. I think I will then just sew them together with an overhand stitch. Not exactly camo, huh?! Much as i enjoyed the natural covers of my last project, I thought it was time for something Bright!

DSC03376 a

It’s Done!

Almost. A few details and fulling/blocking to go. The details are, as you can see in the photos of me standing on the deck smirking in the rain, the sleeves. They were too short to please me so I added another row of blocks which, of course, makes them too long. Now I have to decide if it’s going to be fold under cuffs or cut and knit ribbing. I’m leaning toward the folded cuffs as being the easiest but the ribbed cuffs would give a nice fit at the wrist. I sewed on the wooden checked buttons but will take them off to full it, just in case.  All that has to wait for the weather to clear as it will have to dry out on the deck and at the moment it is raining and snowing alternatively. But here it is in it’s raw state. also a close up for the button band. It’s seed stitch along the front and  k1p1 ribbing at the back of the neck. I had to do it by halves as my circ was a bit short.

ok1 button band 1 a

And a couple earlier views. You can see the shortish sleeves but also that this one hangs correctly. I think the yoke has a lot to do with that. It fits much better at the shoulders than my last one.

3 4