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Look what I found…

I was looking for a certain yarn, which I did not find, but look what I did find. Must have been stashing these ‘practice’ pieces in this drawer for a long time, but had forgotten about them. Don’t know how long they’ve been gathering. But it looks like a project. A creative one. lol Hummm wonder what I can make of this mess! There’s some interesting things here.  Wonder if I can remember how I did it and what it was supposed to be for. Nope. Just start again.


The Weave ALong at Ravelry is going along great. There are some very nice doll dresses being completed. If you have not joined yet, there is still time and we’d love to see your version! Meantime, here’s a little hint on assembling small squares faster and easier, in case you haven’t run across this method yet.

A couple of ways to assemble rows of blocks, no matter what size. There are less ends to  deal with  this way, which you’ll love!

1. Lay them out in the pattern you want.

2. Sew or crochet them together the longest way leaving no extra apace between the blocks.

DSC08860 aa






3. Sew or crochet them together the short way, squaring up the corners.

DSC08861 aa



The WAL on Ravelry has gotten off to a great start. There are quite a number of people signed up to participate and we’ve got a nice group of chatters and sharers. There’s going to be some fun weaving done. It”s not too late to join in!