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Rope again…

I tried it again, and I did ‘card’ it some tho mostly that just made a mess of my hand cards. But I think it did help some and I made little rolags… sort of… from the results. So this is today’s rope. It is finer, tho still rough. Part of that is that the fiber is still not entirely fiber, some is still needles. I need to further process it without breaking up the fiber too much. But it’s better!. I spun this on my thigh. Our local Indians did not have spindles, they were hunter-gatherers so the ropes they made were probably made this way. I haven’t gotten any cedar bark yet.

Top is first try, bottom next try, and better.


I’ve seen bark rope in museums and I think I have finally figured out how the Indians did it. I’ve tried this before without luck, both with pine needles, green and dry, and cedar bark. Nothing but disappointment and splinters. But I found this wad of fiber in the road and discovered that it was pine needles, rained on and run over many times by passing cars. An epiphany! Of course I could not find my drop spindle so I remembered a more simple way and hip spun a bit then attached it to a hook and off I went. This sample is plied back on itself. It’s also very rough and shaggy but it’s rope! The fiber was not completely processed, there were still some nearly whole needles in it which ought not be there but I did this in a hurry. I’ll gather more and see if I can card it a bit better so it can be drawn out more evenly. And I’m going to hunt up a bit of cedar bark and lay it in the driveway!

Free shipping! Some restrictions apply.

It’s finally cold enough for a pair of mittens woven with the Tiny Weaver Set of small looms. The 12 & 14″ square looms make a great Hooded Scarf for keeping that the wind and snow from blowing down your neck, it’s been quite a popular one at shows. Everyone wants to try it on! And When you order the larger looms I’ll include instructions for the Button Down scarf as well. You can make gifts for the whole family and save on yarn as well since these looms take less yarn than a comparable item that is knitted. For instance, a nice warm snow hat takes just 100 yards and fits every one from a medium sized child to adults.
Or make their Santa stockings using the small squares… check the web page Project for instructions.
Order between now and December 10th and if your order is $100 or more I will refund your shipping! Continental states only.
Questions? Email anytime!

Looms made items. You can do it!

Fiber Mania

We just got back from Grant’s Pass and the Fiber Mania event. This fiber show is sponsored by the Alpaca guild there in southern Oregon. Now you want to talk about your luxury fibers? It is really hard to resist this one! And I didn’t. In fact, I would not be surprised if a good portion of our profits came home in the form of alpaca yarns! lol

Once I get the house cleaned up after being ignored for so long while we traveled hither and yon that’s going to take awhile as it really needs the attention!

I got a photo of my American Girls modeling some woven dresses and shawl for visitors at the show. And the baby was also popular.

Patrick is my kid magnet! lol The kids lug Momma into the booth as soon as they spot Patrick! I guess I need to weave another Sponge Bob to go with him. The first one has gone home with a grandson.

We had a great time and got to spend a couple nights with my sister and her husband, who always put us up and feed us without complaint! Nobody loves you like family! They’re coming down for Thanksgiving. I thought I’d make the guys thankful this year and not make them eat more turkey so I bought a Prime Rib. Gasp! Thought I was going to have to hire a Brink’s truck to bring that home! lol I just hope I can do it justice, never having cooked this expensive bit of cow before. But for Christmas it’s going to be turkey again!

A little bit of Christmas weaving

Jan and I have been showing this doll in her shop. I made the outfits and the patterns and she is holding the raffle, the profits of which will go to the charity of the winner’s choice. I wrote up patterns for all but the poncho and hat, which are pretty simple. The patterns are available in Jan’s shop and also on Ravelry for those of you who don’t have access to the Sweet Sheep in Weaverville. It’s been a fun project. For the store patterns we made up little kits. The tutu pattern, for example, comes with the lace and a beaded necklace, Jan carries the yarns used. The Cropped Top and Low Rider shorts has the belt included. Sophia and her wardrobe will make some little girl happy this Christmas!

Winter’s on the way.

I know some of you are having more than enough already. We have our first snow predicted for tomorrow evening. We’re not ready, either! The garden is mostly put away and we’ve only one more trip. We’ll be in Grant’s Pass for Fiber Mania on Nov 12/13. That’s if the pass stays open!

But here’s Taz taking her ease on Randy’s lap, a sure sign of cold weather. This is the Mighty Hunter who does not come in before 10pm on summer evenings, but she appreciates a good warm fire when the temps reach freezing! As we all do. Randy’s looking at expensive tools on his laptop and I’ve weaving and reading my mystery by turns. If you’re looking for a project for the up coming season be sure to check the web site projects page where I’ve posted instructions for the Chirstmas Stocking.