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New headboard

Headboard2 (21k image)
Got my picket fence made. Now I can hang pictures and finish the room. There’s been suggestions that i paint butterflies on it or twine sunflowers around but i think I’ll just let it be for now. lol Maybe a morning glory vine later? :laugh:
Still no fiber works but I’m heading to Sis’s on Monday for a WEEK and taking the looms and my wheel so I should have something to show when I get back. Hopefully we’ll make some progress on the video, too, in spite of my bandaged finger. πŸ™„

My new patio table

wood_tile_table_4a (56k image)

I priced ceramic tiles for this project. Yikes! And it would also add way too much weight. So I made my own tiles using scrap wood from Randy’s waste bin. A couple short bits of 4×4 and some 2×4 & 2×6’s. I used some stain/varnish to color and seal the wood so the grout wouldn’t discolor it then colored the white grout with some powdered black Tempera left from the olden days and varnished it all over again to seal it. I am quite pleased with it and it not only cost nothing (the stain and varnish have been languishing in the paint locker for ???) but I learned how to use the chop saw in the process! Also, I give credit to another Spencer… he of H & G channel’s ‘Design On A Dime” where I saw him using thin cut 4×4 for another project and πŸ’‘ !
Now it’s the kitchen. Got the old cabinets down and one of the new ones up, but Himself has to move electricity for the lights before we can put the rest up. X you fingers!


shower_merpeson1 (68k image)

Here’s one of the ladies from the bathroom border. She’s over the shower stall. πŸ˜› I used some of the words from that old Bobby Darin song: Splish splash, I was taking a bath… I think it turned out cute and goes with the yellow, white and teal stripes under it. Randy says I’ve been watching too much Home and Garden TV! lol But we also bought new kitchen cabinets and lights yesterday?! πŸ˜€ :hehe:!!!

My Mermaid

shower_merpeson.bmp (513k file)
I finished the bathroom paint job. Did a Decorator paint with stripes and a hand painted border re: H&G channel. Turned out very nicely, I think. πŸ™‚ I used the words from the old Bobby Darin song: Splish Splash, I was taking a bath… interspursed with mermaids and octopi. It’s unique lol This lady is over the tub inclosure. I can’t blame her. πŸ˜›

More decorating…

window1 (164k image)
I’m on a roll. It’s our bathroom this time. I painted it white, taped and painted the yellow stripes and discovered there was not enough contrast and it looked… well, not very good. So I got out my acrylic paints and mixed up a teal blue and got my liner brush and did some pin-striping. I like the wavy lines and it made a world of difference. I found a piece of left-over trim in Randy’s shop trash that I cut (correctly!:O) to fit the window and used my collection of shell necklaces to make a curtain. The window looks out onto the lawn and is frosted to so only wanted a bit of decoration. There is nothing in the border strip yet. πŸ’‘ I think I have a plan but it’ll be a surprise!
And Tuesday we’re going to Home Base and looking at kitchen cupboards. I told him I wasn’t going to paint there until I tore out all the old cupboards and put in new and he did not toss a hissy but suggest we meet and town and go look at some!
I know there hasn’t been any fiber there in awhile, but it’s too hot and I want to get all the painting done while the weather is good and I can have the windows open. It’s already mid-august and winter will be here too soon! Time again for fiber when the snow flies! πŸ˜›

What’s he up to?

Randys_Pour_collagesmall (72k image)

In case you wonder what he’s doing instead of making looms, here’s one project. He’s been pouring foundations, constructing driveways and installing roofs, but on this one he gets to do the middle part, too! Grandmother and I drove down and took a look, as well as the pictures. That’s him on the bottom left with his elbow in the air, poking bubbles out of the cement. This house will have an attached hanger (that’s the TC airport in the back ground and you may see a tiny bit of the lake, too.) It’s going to be a large log house with all the bells and whistles, including a heated driveway so the owners don’t have to shovel snow. πŸ’‘ I want one of those! :laugh:

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

before_and_after_small (54k image)

:O Well, the How nose looks pretty much the same…. :confused: And I thought I was fat then! 😦 Oh well, I guess it’s true… time flies whether you’re having fun or not. πŸ˜› But I did have my share of it, I think! :laugh:


vet-pet-mats2 (167k image)
I can finally get to my knitting machine! I decided to start with these otherwise useless odd bits of acrylic yarn and make vet pet pads while using up the yarn and also reminding myself how the knitting machine works… it’s been so long! lol But I think I’m about ready to get out that lavender cotton I bought to make myself a summer top. Maybe even before summer is over! :laugh:
The pads are 80 stitches wide by around 100 long, folded in half to double them then I crochet or sew around the edges to make the pad. These are about 16 x 20 inches. I wanted to make them square but haven’t quite managed that yet! πŸ˜› But it’s fun playing with colors.