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A cool summer day

Yeah, it’s nearly July and only 47 degrees this morning. Rained heavily yesterday but none so far today, in fact the sun is peeping out just now. My tomatoes hate this weather! So does my old man. That’s Robin, not Randy, but he isn’t real happy about it, either, tho in his case it’s the rain, rather than the cool. Cool is good for fixing roofs, rain on the other hand…

But Robin deals with it like this. He’s usually out napping on the deck,  80-90 degrees is comfortable for his old cat body.

The Damsel

The Damsel Fly

The little glint of blue left a faint glittering and sparkling trail as it darted over the clear water of the pool. I sat on a sun warmed rock watching, knowing what would happen shortly. It never failed and it never failed to delight me. It only lasted for a few minutes; they could not maintain it and I don’t know how they do it. Or even if they do. Could it be my imagination?  No one else has ever mentioned seeing it. There! Alighting on my outstretched palm; the Damsel, tiny, perfect, gowned in blue, smiling up at me.


This weeks Flash Friday I find kind of fun. I like to look at the bright side, it makes a tiny balance for the way most see this.


          I think I am linking to a site that posts a photo each week for you to match with a 100 word story of your own composing. I thought that sounded like fun. I’m technically challenged so I don’t know if I’m doing this right but here my story  for this week.


I was sure I saw a flicker of movement just there where the path disappears into the woods. It’s quiet, a distant bird song and the steady clicking of some courting insect is all the sound in the world.  Those two teen boys claimed to have seen Sasquatch here just two days ago. I don’t believe it but they said it left tracks in the mud near that stream about half mile into the woods. Just some boys wanting attention but I was sent  to get a picture so I’ll get a picture. Just wish is wasn’t so quiet.

Flash Friday


Is it June already!?

How time flies… whether you’re having fun or not! Well, I guess I have been having a little fun. It’s getting the garden in time, doing all the chores that were neglected all winter. But I have been weaving, too. Have been inspired to try a couple new (to me) techniques on the looms. One is transparent weaving where you weave a net-like base and weave pictures with colored yarns in that base. On a “traditional” looms you weave it as you go. On the 12″ Quilt Weaver Square (what I am using) I make a large “weavie” and then weave in the picture. It has involved some interesting challenges but I think I am getting it. In some ways, doing it like this is  kind of like embroidery but yet it is still weaving.  This is destined to be a kitchen curtain. A valance, actually. The pictures come from my bread box and a couple wooden hamburger presses  that are only decorative pieces in my kitchen. I think they are 1950′ or maybe even ’40’s. Antique, vintage, or retro, take your pick! lol

The other project I have going is a colorway blanket, a rainbow affair. I’ll post photos of it once I get it a little further along. And I am working also on making up a booklet of pattern stitches. This is a more or less long term project and is going to challenge my photography skills. or lack of them, as well as my weaving skills, but I thought it might be of interest.