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April, the last.

WeavervilleFest (22k image)

I know I haven’t been keeping up this blog very well this last couple of weeks. But today I went to a meeting in Weaverville called “From Field To Fabric” with Tracy Shapiro, a fiber historian and master weaver, spinner, etc. It was very interesting and very informative. Tracy has been helping the Trinity Historical Society sort and store their vast collection of historical costumes and fabrics. She also was kind enough to look at the two old quilts that Grandmother was throwing out as “those old blankets” and which I snaggled. Both are entirely hand made, one she said from the fabrics used was probably 1930’s and the other older, maybe 1890’s. That is it in the picture, or rather the cornmeal sack that forms the backing. Neither are in great condition and I had intended to use them as drapery in the studio but she advises against it so maybe I’ll just put them on the bunk beds.
The other thing I came away with is a cupful of cotton fiber, even a bole of the brown. With seeds! She says cotton won’t grow here (She’s from Humbolt where it’s much wetter) but I have done it before and even gotten boles so I know better. Not that it would make a commercial crop but it is cotton!
Oh yes, I also won a door prize… a box of English Toffee from a local candy maker. 🙂

A new project

Jo_anns_yarn_diamonds. (42k image)

I’m weaving these 14″ diamonds for a new project, inspired by a knitted pattern. This isn’t going to look much like the knitted one but that one gave me the idea. I bought this yarn at Jo-Ann’s. It was pretty cheap but I love those really big fat skeins! :laugh: I was thinking of pillows or something non-wearable but I think this is going to make a rather nice fabric. I sure like the way the diamonds look so far. I’d like this to fit me so am not sure how many of these I’ll have to weave. And…really… I don’t wear sleeveless tops anymore so maybe I’ll make it for my daughter. I think I have an idea for an entry in the Spin-Off poncho contest, too! lol It is one that would probably be called “art”. No… you’ll have to wait and see! 😎 :laugh:

Fancy yarn

ribbon_stuff. (51k image)
Here’s something a bit more cheerful. I picked this up at a sale at Jo-Ann’s but I think LB makes one about like it. It wove up nicely on the Quilt Weaver Square and I used the end of a knitting needle to easily pull up the “flags” after. This brand, at least, is made up of three stands and the biggest problem is making sure you don’t drop one on the way though. Again, easy to fix, but annoying. It didn’t happen much and I’d use it again. Don’t know what you’d make with it. Scarves, of course, maybe a hat, cuff or collars for a bigger project. This one is for an afghan patch swap. Soft stuff… actually I can see it as a sleeveless summer top for little girl. I expect two 12″ or 14″ squares might make a little boat necked top, depending on the size of your girl. It’d be fun, anyway! 😀
Snowed here again this morning. I think we may have gotten 3″. Enough to cancel Sis’s trip down. Again. :plain: