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More of the same…Welcome to spring.

Well, I am weaving and making DVD’s and I’m sure I’m expected in the loom shop but the slush is falling out of the trees making it dangerous out there . And my shoes are wet just from stepping out to the wood shed. Not sure I want to venture further! Bah. That one in the center is my still blooming primroses. Poor things.

Spotted Deck

I’m sure there is a very scientific reason for this pattern on my deck this afternoon but I just think it’s neat, even unexplained. It rained icy slush all morning but has quit now and the tempo has climbed to 38 degrees. I have been weaving for my top so have not kept an eye on the forecast but Last time I looked we were due more snow, or so they say. Meantime, Mother Nature is making art! lol

More weaving swatches

I’ve been working with this Coats & Clark Luster Sheen yarn. I like the way the yarn knits up but this colorway does not work with the pattern I wanted to use it for so I thought I’d give the looms a try. It really makes a difference on different looms. The square is the 4″ Multi woven diagonally and the other is the 4×6 Multi needle woven. Does not even look like the same yarn. This is a stash yarn, I guess I need to buy the new colorways for my project since these are not on their list anymore. I’ll have to test them out, too.
But I hope you are using your looms. I have a couple projects coming along. I’m not making great headway in this gloomy weather. Weaving time somehow seems to turn into nap time! lol;

March already?!

It has been a while since I posted here. Bad Hazel! but time does fly…well , not fly exactly. More like drag this time of year. I keep busy but not the kind of stuff to post about really. The sun was shining this morning and Himself invited me to go for a ride with Him and The Dog so I did. We went out and got a load of shale for the driveway. Well, he did. I took the camera. It was pleasant getting out of the house for a bit.
I’ve been walking with a neighbor, which also gets me out but the weather has been cold and wet, either rain or snow so while getting some exercise was not really a nice stroll, tho the company was enjoyable.
Still weaving squares for my two projects.