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Meet April, the jacob sheep.

April_ClearwaterRanch_Lewiston (227k image)

We visited the fiber faire in Weaverville today. It was not a large affair, as you might guess. Kinko, a local spinner, was there with her wheel and lots of yarn. She also had her powered carder and was demoing that. Met a gentelman who showed me the hat he’d knit with some of Kino’s yarn He told me he’d added some angora to make the wool softer on his bald head! πŸ˜€ A Lewiston place called Clearwater Ranch had yarn and fiber-they also had a couple of Jacob sheep there… you see April above. There was assorted needle work, crafts for kids to do, some stuff about growing native plants and willow basketry, etc. A boy about 7-8 years old was weaving on a kids loom and doing well at it. There was a lady with a nice display of macram


BedRoom2! (28k image)

Got the new carpet in the bedroom and have things put back together… mostly. Now I have to get the living room back together. πŸ˜€ I think it really looks nice. It’s painted my favorite green and I hung my big picture over the bed. Yes, it’s a copy of Georgia O’Keefe’s Lawrence Tree, that I painted for a long ago Artist Reception we did with the kids at school when I worked there. It is also one of my fav’s.

Meantime, I just have to sew the pocket on my woven sweater and I can post a picture of that here. But I need to get prettied up so I can get a picture of it on, too. (That could take some time! πŸ˜› )

The sun came out to day. Briefly, it’s true, but it was nice to know it’s still up there. I hear a new storm is due in on Saturday…

Socks for Daughter

toelesssocks (198k image)

Karen doesn’t like her toes covered. Strange but true and apparently she isn’t the only one. But I knitted her a pair of toe-less socks once and now she says she needs a new pair so I whipped these out with some Bernat baby yarn I had on hand. Kind of cute, tho one ends with pink and the other doesn’t. Oh well! :laugh: Didn’t take long to make. I may make her another pair with some sock yarn just in case she wants to wear them with her toe-less shoes! πŸ˜›
We have a couple feet of new snow and now it’s slushing on it. That’s okay. Messy but it has already melted some of the snow. We need the water but it’s kind if like being on a diet… You like looking thinner but getting there isn’t much fun! Getting our lake filled again isn’t much fun, either. Involves way too much mud…
But I’m not complaining, you know! :O πŸ˜€

Snow, at last!

Feb11 (250k image)

Wow! I didn’t realize I had been absent for so long! Just not much happening to post about, i guess… tho you know that’s never stopped me! :laugh: But here is the view from the bedroom windows this morning. We’ve gotten over a foot since late yesterday & it’s still falling./ The forecast has a long row of snowflake logos. Well, we need it. It’s rather dry but I’m not complaining about that, either. I was about to change the header on this page, but I guess its ‘seasonable’ again! And the bare root peach tree will have to stay at the nursery for awhile yet. Oh well…
Give me some time to work on projects. Himself is spending the day in the shop, I think., when he’s not out playing in the snow. He likes shoveling in winter and raking the rest of the year, whether it’s gravel in the drive of leaves on the lawn. I guess we all have something like that that we do when we don’t want to do what we should be doing!
Hope you are all safe and warm! πŸ™‚