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Looks like I was wrong about the apples. The Red Delicious is the only one with any apples and they are not quite ripe, I think but might be tart enough for a pie. It would seem like such a mild year would have been good for them, but it must have been wet about that time. I can’t remember. but it looks like we’ll be buying our fruit this winter. Oh well… More time for weaving. Right?! πŸ˜€

The last blooms of summer

lastboquet (212k image)

Went around the yard just now and this is what I found. A few last … the yellow things… some asters, the fuchsia is doing well, some red clover and sage leaves. Not a lot but a pretty bouquet. The pears are from my sister, our tree didn’t produce this year. I think we’ll have a few apples. In fact, I’d better go check those before this storm gets cranked up. They’ve got us up to a 90% chance for measurable precip tonight. The first this fall. I think I’m ready. Spent the morning ‘winterizing’ the yard… putting away lawn tools, and flower pots, moved house plants & dog beds indoors, raked and swept and it’s looking good, I think. Guess we’re as ready as we’re going to be. You know it’s time when the weather page starts mentioning snow levels. They are still up there at 5500′ but it’s coming… 😎

Weaving a sweater.

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Well, I frogged my sweater… again. This time I decided to weave it. The sleeves will be knitted and maybe the yoke, I haven’t decided that for sure but the ‘skirt’ part is going to be woven. I’m using the special 20″ square Randy made for me. I had him make that one for a project I had in mind and after I nagged him to finally get it done, I discovered that I had measured wrong and it wouldn’t work! Red face! :blush: So I’m glad to be able to put it to work on another project! lol
I finally got some new buttons on the baby sweater and will take those in to the hospital this coming week. Not many babies are born at our local hospital but there’s a few who will be able to use the ‘fruits of my labors’ for the ‘fruits’ of theirs!;)
We finally broke down and built a fire. The last ones in the neighrborhood to do so. But Robin was cold. πŸ˜› Poor kitty… we did it just for him. Hope your September is neither too hot or too cold.


after2b (25k image)

Thought I ought to show what a good job we did with all that mess! So here is the ‘after’. Spent yesterday getting the studio ready for the cats. It’ll soon be time for them to start staying in for the winter so everything has to be prepared for cat fiber, which they are generous with. Washable afghans on all the chairs. Breakables put away. Yarn safely hidden. Litter box filled once again. πŸ˜› Summer is so much easier on all of us!
But it was 41 degrees this morning and the trees are showing the first faint signs of autumn. Dust off your looms… it’s time to be thinking of Christmas presents again! πŸ˜€

My Goodness!

Before_9a (122k image)

Didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted! If you want to know why, here’s one for you. This is the loom maker relaxing at home last weekend! πŸ˜€ but we got the job done* and the living room is back together and looks better than it has in the thirty years or so since it was last painted.
I’m not done with my Home Improvement projects, but this was the major one for awhile. I have to tell you, tho, *that he still has half the ceiling to paint yet!
I’ll try to be a little faster to post after this.
Hope your summer is not slipping by as fast as mine!

Labor Monday

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Not hard work, but work related, anyway. I am running short of books so am having a print day. I also have some fiber stuff. Trying to copy a pattern out of an ad in the new Interweave Knits… Don’t wanna buy the kit. I think my gator is looking a bit like he ran into a wall, but I got the skutes down pretty good, I think! :laugh: The other is for my 6×6 swap. I do have a weaving project going, but I can’t show you that. It’s to be an Christmas surprise! πŸ˜‰
Hope your holiday has been fun and safe. Please drive carefully on the way home.

My art homework

PaintersBlock3 (144k image)

I just couldn’t get a handle on the landscape I should have been painting and ended up doing one I call Painter’s Block. Well, It’s an original, it’s loose, and it’s the landscape before me! lol But I think I’m getting a little ditsy from lack of sleep so with that, I’m off to bed. Hope your weekend is going well. πŸ™‚