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Disputing the Path

Disputing_the_path2 (52k image)
Our walk was enjoyed by all. They all get along pretty good, but the Robin does like his ‘space’ kept clear. There was a little contretemps at the log when Cori got a bit too clse in her hurry to get under the log. πŸ˜₯ They settled it without violence. Cori went under and Robin went over. πŸ™‚

Going for a Walk

Along_For_The_Walk (122k image)
Since the sun is out again this morning I thought I’d meander up the hill and see what the guys are doing. Took both dogs and found that the cats wanted to come, too. They prefer dashing from cover to cover to walking at my heels as the dogs (mostly) do. Robin has to come to me now and then to be petted and let me know what a clever guy he is. Taz is a bit above that sort of thing.

Men At Work

Men_At_Worka (58k image)
Randy is rebuilding a porch for a friend who is helping him, in return, to clean up the mess left by the logger who took out the many trees brought down by the storm a couple winters ago. Here they are decking (the hard way!) a cedar into the pile to be saved for when he gets his little bandsaw mill running.That’s a ’roundtoit’ project! πŸ˜‰

Spring Snow

snowspring (76k image)
My forsythia in full bloom and the daffies with their bright faces in the mud again! It must be spring! Oh well, we knew it had to happen, it’s not quite April after all! :hehe:
But I’m okay. I got XM Satellite Radio when I went to town Monday and I love it! We get nothing here in this canyon but one country station… sometimes. Now I have music and I don’t have to go to the cd store and try to figure out what I might like to hear sometime in the future! I can pick when I’m in the mood. There are even comics, old radio drama, new radio drama, news weather, sports… Maybe Randy can hear the games now, too (if I’m not using it! πŸ˜€ )
So while I’m stuck at the computer printing instruction books for the looms I can be entertained.
Hope you are having a warm sunny day where you are!

wind chimes

triochimes1 (48k image)
I was asked to post a picture the windchimes I make. They are called Rural Rubbish and are totally recycled. Broken glass, old, and even at times antique. The tin is coffee cans for the most part. There is often old silver and maybe pot lids or bed springs. One has an old horse shoe and a tobacco can. What ever comes my way may end up here. I started making these for myself but a local gift shop liked them and now another one wants them, too. These in the picture are some I just finished, they haven’t gotten properly rusty yet. πŸ˜› My goal is to have a windchime on each rafter tail around the house! I have a lot, but a lot more to go! It does get noisy when the wind blows!